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Thursday, March 18, 2021


By Dona Newman

Something very bad happened on March 17, 2021 which I will explain on the following day, this very basic letter I'm writing is a buildup to tomorrow's letter. The Arizona Palestinian Solidarity Alliance is a record breaking failure. The Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement was never recognized by the Arizona Palestinian Solidarity Alliance, this is why I now think it is funny whenever I hear anyone complain about the decline in the quality of collective duty.


I have made this flag for Dr. Weizfeld; this is the JPLO flag. This is the flag of the Jewish People's Liberation Organization. I thought about the symbolism of Dr. Weizfeld and the JPLO when I made this design, yesterday I saw Comrade Net and we had an argument that lasted for hours and I demanded that he start listening to me more before things fall apart. Due to the new mutually abusive dialogue between Comrade Net and Dr. Weizfeld the Bundist Movement may never gain the overdue recognition that is needed. The Arizona Palestinian Solidarity Alliance has given in to the threats of the Revolutionary National Socialist Guard. The Arizona Palestinian Solidarity Alliance is now leading the way in the actively deliberate repressing of all records that there ever was a Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement or a Lenin-Mao Communist Union here in Arizona. 

I made another flag too for any Palestinian wishing to show Solidarity to Bundism. 

I wanted to inquire to Comrade Net about the Pink Purple Girl, I was informed that she was sick from Covid-19 but all Comrade Net could do was try to get me to have a phone conversation with Dr. Weizfeld. I was very upset. I have tried to call Dr. Weizfeld twice, technically three times already. Twice I tried to call on Skype, he was unavailable each time. Now I don't remember what year it was but it couldn't have been before 2019. I am interested in us talking but I fear he would be very un-interested in how much more I know than him. I know more than both Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net, it seems that they both resent me for this. The third time I tried to call Dr. Weizfeld I actually called his phone, he told me that I needed to be put on hold, I was on hold for an hour. I know that Comrade Net tried to inquired to Dr. Weizfeld about this in 2020 but it seems that Dr. Weizfeld never remembers anything, he can't even remember when he was associated with Uri Adiah and Marvin Eliyahu on Facebook. I keep my promises even if I am late in keeping my promises. But I need to break one of my promises tomorrow. I need to criticize both Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net due to the currant situation.

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