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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The World and Me

 By Dona Newman 

Did you know that when I am full of anxiety, I can make several typos which is not my normality? Just take a look at the typos I made here: https://bundistmovement.blogspot.com/2019/05/i-dont-know-hat-to-make-of-yesterday.html Isaiah P. Kamatstein made typos too, whenever he was angry. You can see a great example of his angry typos here: https://bundistmovement.blogspot.com/2018/03/my-name-is-isaiah-p-kamatstein-and-i.html So before I begin with this, I would like it very much, if certain views that I hold, not be dismissed as part of my a mental illness.


My Mental State 

I have had two strokes, the dates are a bit fuzzy for me, but the first stroke took place shortly after May 27, 2019 as the stress of having my information erased was too much. All my records have been wiped, however I hold all my papers, so let it be understood when my Birth Certificate shows it self to have a Watermark there better be hell to pay. In the State of Arizona it is not uncommon for entire Birth Records as well as Social Security information and even Insurance Records to be completely removed. This fact has nothing to do with my mental state. Dismissing someone's opinions due to their mental state is nothing short of Ableism. I am currently prone to outbursts of rage and extreme states of paranoia. I never had paranoia before, having to hide from society and worry about having the door kicked in has made me feel helpless. I have had several seizures ever since my second stroke.

9/11 Truth

My position on 9/11 has nothing to do with my mental state. I have always held to the position that the events of September 11, 2001 were false flag terror attacks carried out by the United States Intelligence Community to justify to the public the War on Terror. I also reject the notion that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by just one shooter and the hilarious idea that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Lee Harvey Oswald really was just a patsy. The fact that the Left in our time dismisses the positions that at one time had been spearhead by both the Left and the Center, is to me just more evidence that as soon as the right-wing hijacks the positions of the left-wing; the cowardly left-wing becomes overly dismissive.

We can no longer fall into the traps of voting 

I know that I have been restricted from criticizing myself, Dr. abraham Weizfeld and Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua. I know that I have agreed to this, but I do wish to at least express my feelings. I am very angry with Dr. Weizfeld. I had in my own way toyed with the notion of a Bernie Sanders presidency but it was not in any way sincere, it had more to do with patronizing the voters. Dr. abraham Weizfeld of course wanted us to have the first Jewish President ever. Imagine the first Jewish President of Nazi Germany; that is all I can hear when I think of it now. That is how I first thought of it, but at some point we gave into the pressure, a Canadian citizen disconnected from us wanted to make us get in line with his elitism. Yes; Eibie is an elitist and he can not even see it most of the time. I can remember so many times Comrade Net speaking on our behalf as we had all agreed and then Eibie would degrade him as speaking only for himself. Hannah Toff especially would cringe at any idea of a Jewish President; reform kills revolution. We also knew that Sanders was nothing but a neutralization to stop the Jewish Nation from declaring Diaspora National Rights and full National-Cultural Autonomy but in my opinion this does not really matter to Dr. Weizfeld. Noam Chomsky has sold out and I hope Comrade Net denounces him as much as our Anarchist Comrades are demanding. I really loved Noam Chomsky but he wants us to vote for Joe Biden the rapist and his Neo-Colonialist running mate Kamala Harris; to hell with Noam Chomsky; he has sold out completely. It as if Noam Chomsky has lost all respect for Women and has lost touch with how much more dangerous Neocolonialist Crypto-Fascists are than Blatant Fascists. Norman Finkelstein has become a Self-Hating Jew, no better than the typical Jewish Trotskyist, fake Anarchists make me want to scream. As much as I severely disagree with Anarchists on several points, I respect them. Real Anarchists do not compromise the way Chomsky has. I love Dr. Weizfeld but he needs to let go of the dry old and stale, he needs to invite us in. That is those who understand the correct ideas of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. This does not mean that they were without error; they were full of error. But so was the old Jewish Labour Bund. I get along very well with Anarchists they are fun to argue with but Trotskyists are the scum of the Earth. As soon as I started to improve on Eibie's ideas on Trotsky's Permanent Revolution they were the first to attack us. Leon Trotsky himself was a eurocentric lying little self-hating "jew" and he sat with the Bund in that International meeting as a statement of left opportunism, his action had nothing to do with solidarity. If there is one thing I understand it is Solidarity.

Bundism and Marxism 


Bundism is not compatible with Trotskyism. Bundism is not compatible with Classical Marxism. Bundism is compatible with Marxism-Leninism to some extent. Bundism is more compatible with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism than stale Marxism-Leninism. But most of all Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua is right; Bundism is more compatible with Maoism-Third Worldism than any other version of Marxism.

Bundism and Anarchism 


Bundism is compatible with Squatter Anarchism in the First World; Makhnoites (Black flag Rebels) and Anarcho Syndicalists (Criminal Syndicated Co-Opts) because the legal process has failed us. Taking any of the legal routs is a waste of time. But we need to remember that we reject the Weather Underground. Nestor Makhno was a terrible human being but I have to admit that the Makhnoites in Arizona and Los Angeles have made very good application of Makhnoite Black flag Anarchism out there on the Streets. Jared Eighty-Eight is hunting the Anarchists down like animals, I am worried about this. I am having trouble with writing this post out. But thanks to the Pink Purple Girl; I am now able to write this out. I have given her a personal criticism that is between me and her (this criticism has nothing to do with her transgenderism). I have never understood Trans persons, the entire thing seems anti-organic to me, but heck I admit that I can see a Woman's Soul when I look into her eyes. Ultra-Violent Super Bigoted Transphobia is very real among the Arizona Police and this is one of my greatest concerns, several of our Anarchist Comrades are Trans Persons and they have much to worry about. I saw Comrade Net yesterday, he was torn up badly; on the inside. One of our Anarchist Comrades; Kelley Seven committed suicide. In the last days of Kelley Seven's life Comrade Net watched over her, making sure that she was alive. She took her own life, she did not want to be a fetishized Trans Person. No one should have to be a sex toy. Midnight Productions must be brought down, but we need more support than what we are getting. Out here Anarchists and Maoists have joined forces to destroy Human Trafficking but what good is that if no one is paying attention. Kelley Seven's death seems to have made Comrade Net a very vengeful person, I have seen that type of look in someone else's eyes before; Miriam Emesberg had eyes of vengeance too. I don't see an Atheist in Net though, I see a Black Magick Kabbalaist who feels a type of Zeal that may be taboo in our Religion, of course this could be my mind playing tricks on me.

Monday, June 8, 2020

One Year Ago on May 30, 2019 and June 8, 2019; in Commemoration of Fallen Comrades

Writing this out has taken a lot out of me, as I recover I am filled with anger. It is hard not to feel defeated by all of this. In the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota George Floyd was strangled to death by Police May 25, 2020 he left behind a daughter; on the same date of May 25, 2020 Dion Johnson died, he died at the age of 28. George Floyd and Dion Johnson were both Black Men, something that has often been a major social offense in the minds of White America for a long time. The Department of Public Safety, the agency chiefly responsible for patrolling Arizona’s highways, is the largest law enforcement agency in the state not to equip any officers with body cameras. The death of Dion Johnson is still being investigated, the investigation will no doubt be sloppy, his memory will never receive any justice. Those tasked with the responsibility of probing the evidence are missing information that would have been collected had the incident happened in nearly any other part of the city but the freeway. These murders are part of a systemic reality within the United States of America, reform will not make things better. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had announced Arizona's first-ever statewide curfew in response to protests that happened in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The curfew was set to the standard of 8 p.m. to last until 5 a.m. each day this went on starting Sunday, May 31 through Monday, June 8. Basically this ended this morning, unless they announce otherwise, but I do not think this will be. Today is June 8, 2020. Exactly one year ago three of the members of the Lenin-Mao Communist Union were murdered. It should be mentioned first that the Lenin-Mao Communist Union worked closely with the five Martyrs of our organization the Bundist Movement. There was also a shared interest between the Bundist Movement and the Lenin-Mao Communist Union in destroying the human trafficking syndicate Midnight Productions. Midnight Productions has always been the taboo subject that no one wants to talk about. Midnight Productions was not the original name of this human trafficking syndicate and they go by other names too such as Eclipse and Twilight. But the name Midnight Productions is the name that they themselves propagate. Midnight Productions is known to spread rumors about themselves, they thrive on others fearing their political power. All who stood against Midnight Productions regardless of what part of the Radical Left they belonged can only be called Antifa. The President has declared that Antifa is Terrorist.  
May 30, 2019 was the day that the Proletarian Revolutionary Front was murdered.
The Proletarian Revolutionary Front was a Street Gang of Black and Mexican Marxist-Leninists.
Eight of the members of the Proletarian Revolutionary Front were murdered.
The only survivor of the Proletarian Revolutionary Front is Commander Soviet Menace.
Shortly after the events of May 27, 2019 the Proletarian Revolutionary Front left California to come and investigate what had happened. You can read further details here. The Proletarian Revolutionary Front came armed with video cameras to film the Police changing the cross street surveillance cameras, they recorded this at or near 27th Ave and Bell Rd. They were murdered fighting as Revolutionaries. It is reported that on May 30, 2019 several eyewitnesses saw Adinah Belén talking to Bunny Leistung in a rather friendly way. I am shocked to learn what I have learned about Adinah Belén. This needs to serve as example to all other Bundists interested in the cause, if ever a friend, roommate, or even relative can be suspected of being a Zionist it is the duty of such Comrades to create distance between a Bundist Comrade and the one suspected of Zionism. 
This is the flag of the Proletarian Revolutionary Front.
Then on June 8, 2019 the Lenin-Mao Communist Union was destroyed as an organization.
But I need to explain why, because this did not just happen at random. As it was reported to me, Commander Soviet Menace ran over to the Lenin-Mao Communist Union and was greeted by General Secretary Edward Phil. The Lenin-Mao Communist Union gathered their intelligence and spoke to various people who had seen the events of abduction, a skill taught to them by Hannah Toff from our organization the Bundist Movement. General Secretary Edward Phil armed Commander Soviet Menace with Guns from their armory. With the aid of the Lenin-Mao Communist Union; Commander Soviet Menace was able to get out of Arizona fast. This was not done without reprisal.
On the date of June 8, 2019 Chairman James Frankford and General Secretary Edward Phil and Arch Director Bradley Butch were murdered by Jared 88. They were murdered inside their very headquarters by Jared 88 who was accompanied by two White Glendale Police Officers. To get a better grasp of this please read this. I would also highly recommend the reading of this blog post detailing more on the Lenin-Mao Communist Union.
Both the Neo-Nazis and the JDL Zionists fill both low and mid-level ranks in the Phoenix Police and the Glendale Police. Jared 88 is known to not just be a Neo-Nazi, he is known to be a leader of Midnight Productions. Midnight Productions transcends notions of race and ideology, their way is power and money. I do not regret us taking on these forces, true Revolutionaries only win over the masses by struggling with the silenced masses. Again I want to thank Jason Unruhe, when no one else cared he did. I was watching Jason Unruhe ever since he started on his original channel Maoist Rebel News back in 2009. I think it is great that Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Jason Unruhe have developed a comradery with each other. It makes sense to me, Jason and Comrade Net have a lot of similarities. I look forward to writing more and I plan to start having myself more on the channel with Comrade Net. Even though the Bundist Movement is collapsing, it has not collapsed yet. The Bundist Movement is not a random chapter of some Jewish Bund that is loosely connected throughout the World. The Bundist Movement is a Political World Jewish Movement, we formed a Vanguard with improved ideological concepts for theory and practice. This has everything to do with The Why we got hit as bad as we got hit to the point of being almost nonexistent. Although we lack proof, we are not without evidence. The evidence we have collected is very strong evidence. We can not water down what has happened here, opposition to Fascism is now considered Terrorism. The United States of America cannot be reformed, just as Nazi Germany could not be reformed. We are all either with Americanism or Antifa. At long last full polarization between the Far Right and the Far Left has come. Human Trafficking Fascists on the Far Right and Revolutionary Socialist Terrorists on the Far Left. The Center is becoming more and more of a relic that will die.

Dona Newman 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

One Year Ago - May 27, 2019; and a Self-Criticism

By; Dona Newman 

I want to thank Jason Unruhe for interviewing Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua. No one else has taken us seriously, many saw what happened and are too afraid to speak out. So much of our plans have been completely undone. What people need to know is that we took on big issues. It looks like the Bundist Movement is collapsing, this note is going to be a self-criticism. The events of May 27, 2019 were my fault, I have had two strokes since then and my conversations with Dr. Weizfeld via Email are becoming more and more frustrating as I don't think he investigates anything I tell him. This however will not be a criticism of him, although such a note is coming.
I am very grateful for this Picture that was given to us, we did not have a picture before.
This is the only picture as far as we know of the Synagogue as it was.
This is the only known photo of the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona.
These are a list of my confessions. 
I have withheld written notes that Dr. abraham Weizfeld wrote to our Maoist Comrades.
I been camera shy, I have heard my voice on recording and I hate it.
I have let Comrade Net take the blame for everything that goes array in the Bundist Movement.
I want to tell myself that I was once a courageous fighter as Hannah Toff when she was living.
I really feel ashamed that I am not the Partisan my Aunt was.
I have failed to keep things in the direction agreed upon.
The two things that I really excel in is political theory and a grasp of geopolitics.
I have expected others to understand what I understand but instead of explaining, I have ridiculed others for not understanding what I understand.
I really wish I had been more forceful with Isaiah P. Kamatstein, I felt that I should have done more to ensure that the Wedding did not take place in his Synagogue, both Hannah Toff and Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua were constantly keeping watch at that Synagogue. That Synagogue was not recognized by other Reconstructionalist Rabbis for many reasons, but it was gaining a really good reputation. Comrade Net and Hannah both became very sleep deprived as result staying up very late watching that place. This means that I should have said more to Isaiah. Isaiah was my friend, he was more than just my Comrade, he was like my taller darker brother. Mariam Emesberg's ghost haunts me whenever Covid-19 is mentioned. Mariam Emesberg had said to me more than once that Coronaviruses could erupt into a global pandemic. I knew this was true but I did not worry to much about any of that. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Mariam knew, she knew that if we as Humanity did not pay attention a pandemic was going to grow out of the Coronaviruses. I should have told more to Dr. abraham Weizfeld about Uri Adiah and how much he knew about Syria and the Kurdish People. I should have arranged a get together or something like that. Uri Adiah knew more about Syria than anyone in all of the North American Continent. I used to poke fun at Marvin Eliyahu and he was always very generous. His Truck was always filthy with burger wrappers and soda cans everywhere, I can remember Uri complaining about it, preferring to get a ride from either myself or Hannah. Uri Adiah and Marvin Eliyahu were always together and they made a great deal of this work. I wish that I had not been so belittling towards Marvin. I confess to all of this.