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Bundist Movement
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The lie of Independence

The United States of America is without democracy.
The United States of America is a representative republic.
It needs to be understood that a representative republics are clever forms of Autocracy. 
 President Donald Trump is furthering the genocide against Natives of the American Continent. 
And all those who stand with Palestine need to stand with Mexico. 
All those who stand against The State of Israel need to stand against The United States of America. 
We are in a time of great evil. 
The time to act is now. 
The forth of July is called Independence Day. 
The forth of July accomplished nothing in matters of liberation.  

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The lie of Independence By:

Isaiah P. Kamatstein, Uri Adiah, Miriam Emesberg, Hannah Toff, & Marvin Eliyahu.