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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Disaster Day: Americanism & Zionism

By Marvin Eliyahu

Today is a disaster, so not only has Donald Trump taken away indigenous tribal lands from Native Americans and given this to the worst of the Americanists such as the Mormon Church, Donald Trump has declared that Jerusalem is the Capital of the Zionist State.I was born in Israel and the entire culture that I was born into is one of plagiarizing the Israelite heritage of the Palestinians together with the collective identity of world Jewish People.
In order to put all this into context, I must make reference;
I am going to introduce a new word Lis'rodi לִשְׂרוֹדי  and this is very important, I will explain.
The five Arch-Organizers of the Bundist Movement which includes myself  wrote a article on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that should be read first:
After reading that, the Official Deceleration of the Bundist Movement must be read as well:
This is important for the context of what I need to proclaim.
I had stated that no Israeli should use the word Israeli as this is not accurate.
Better words such as Medoni, Sephonazi, or Ashkardi should be given instead, however after careful thought I have decided that the proper word for any Pseudo-Israeli like myself is Lis'rodi.

For a United Multinational Federation of Palestine to come about it is up to the Palestinians to decide what to call such a country in Arabic. There needs to be a Federation of Peoples, not a one-State or two-State utopian-Solution, an Arabic word for this Federation (federali) is needed, and a Hebrew word for this Federation is also needed. The Hebrew word for this Federation - Federatzu Ivrim    פֵדֵרַצִוּ עִברִים ‎this means Federation of Hebrews, this is important because this way the subconscious Lis'rodis who mistaken themselves Israelis can express themselves as hebrew speaking while acknowledging the Palestinians as Hebrews, as indeed both Palestinians and Arabians are ethnically Hebrew that  originate from Abraham the first Hebrew patriach. And of course for a United Multinational Federation of Palestine to come about it is up to the Palestinians to decide what to call such a country in Arabic.
The Bundist Movement will not let the Zionist State continue to use the name of Israel, and although I may be the first Lis'rodi to properly self identify, I will not be the last. It is the duty of every Lis'rodi who self identifies (my self included) to reeducate the confused ill-educated Lis'rodis so that they stop calling themselves by a illegitimate word. For any such Lis'rodi to call him or her self an Israeli is participating in cultural genocide.
Americanism and Zionism go hand in hand.
Mexico and Palestine have a common struggle.
As it is already known that Mexicans are Aztec not Hispanic or Latino.
It is a sign of colonization for any Mexican to identify as Hispanic or Latino.
Just as it is cultural genocide for anyone to call a Mexican Hispanic or Latino.
The wall around Mexico must never be built and the wall around Gaza must be torn down.
As the furthering of the Police State structures of both the United States of America and the State of Israel are accelerating it is the duty of every American citizen and every Israeli citizen to stop worrying about the legality claimed by protofascism or Night Will Fall.