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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why I started the Bundist Movement with Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Ben-Yahushua

By Dona Newman 

My name is Dona Newman, I was born Helena Dona Sarah Neuman on the 12th of December in the year 1975. When I was 19, I married Moyshie Chaune Steiner a former member of the Chabad Lubavitch sect, an Ultra-Orthodox sect of Judaism that has become the Mormon equivalent of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism today. Now before I go further I need to be fair to Moyshie, it is precisely because of the fact that the Lubavitch sect of Chassidism has become the Jewish equivalent to what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is to Western Christianity that he left Lubavitch.
Moyshie joined an Ultra-Orthodox sect of Judaism that is the oldest known to me in my research, which by the way was above average even for me at the age of nineteen.
I was raised in a Jewish household that was a bit of Socialist and a bit of semi-traditional Judaism, I was most interested in joining the most archaic sect of Judaism that I could find, this is how I met Moyshie Steiner, he was in this sect for about four years by the time I joined. Moyshie was a hardcore Jewish anti-Zionist much like myself. We were married for six years and during the sixth year he had us undergo a secular marriage that was recognized by the American State. We were both very political, and to be clear the Rabbis in our community would mostly tend to shy way from politics, yet unlike most Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities this sect was not completely against politics, yet for them politics could only be a factor whenever this involved matters that affect Judaism, Noahide faith and Islam. The Rabbis of our community were not anti-Socialist, yet they were not anti-Capitalist, in fact they mostly did not care about this sort of stuff. The matters of Judaism became a bit of a stress for Moyshie because of the isolation, and most do not realize that our isolation from the non-Jewish world is relatively new. Then my former husband met a Zionist by the name of Moshe Yaakov Zalvin. Mr. Zalvin managed to brainwash my then husband, and part of the reason is because the sect of Judaism that we both belonged to offered no political outlet, this may be something that non-Jews don't wish to hear, but being Jewish is not always a happy thing because we are the most popular and convenient scapegoats to place blame on, whenever circumstances in the World go wrong. The avoiding of politics is not a truly Jewish idea. The truly Jewish outlook on politics, is to be very political, yet to never hold a government office of leadership. According to Jewish tradition I am still married, yet according to Secular law I am now divorced. My secular name was Helena Dona Sarah Steiner and after my Secular divorce, I changed my name to Dona Newman. I began to study Torah without him, something that the community did not appreciate, the Rabbis later gave me an exemption, they seemed to be against all the betrayal he was doing to Judaism. It was only when I became a Bundist that the Rabbis started to look down on me. Many woes were striking the community at this time, and even though these woes started a month before my then husband was turning to Zionism, I got blamed for these woes coming from the Neo-Nazis, they blamed my Bundism, even though all the Neo-Nazi attacks came before my husband met Mr. Zalvin. I truly stopped loving my ex-husband as he turned more and more Zionist, I do not blame anyone for the actions of Moyshie except for Moyshie himself.  

The flag of the Bundist Movement was made by my aunt, a Jewish Partisan, Veteran of the Jewish Labour Bund, and Holocaust survivor, her name was Mirele Kometz Neuman. 

Before I explain my aunt, I need to make mention of the fact that the Zionists are the single greatest threat to us, they have internally destroyed us from within, the only defense against Zionism is Bundism. However if we are truly to be loyal citizens of every country we live in, then in the Americas it is clear that our loyalty is to the natives of the Americas. Americanism is the true pretext to Zionism and we must oppose all Americanists along with all Zionists. 

Now as for how my aunt is relevant to all this, I would like to say that, at first I sought out to find other Bundists, only to find very few of them. None of these Bundists that I had met saw any need to protect Judaism as a cultural religion. None of these so-called Bundists even opposed Israel to the fullest extent that Bundism requires. My aunt in Arizona was a Bundist, she was also very familiar with the Jewish sect I had just left, she invited me to live with her, I was happy about this because I could go to a Synagogue familiar to my religious practices and I felt no need to tell them I divested from another community of the same sect. 

I now oppose the existence of The State of Israel, The United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However my opposition to the existence of The State of Israel and The United States of America is by far more systematic and pressing in my revolutionary struggle, it was my Aunt Mirele who taught me how to be a Bundist. 
the majority of the slogans used by the Bundist Movement are taken from her maxims. 
In 1992 she made the Bundist flag, and in 2009 with the aid of Net Ben-Yahushua and Dr. abraham Weizfeld the official Bundist Movement was started. To this day I butt heads with that wonderful schmuck that is Comrade Ben-Yahushua, yet it is true that he is often correct. Starting in the Summer of this year, myself and Comrade Ben-Yahushua have begun to make a revised version of Yiddish using Aramaic, German, Yiddish, and even Ladino to an extent. When my aunt died in 2011, the Bundist Movement slowed down, and in 2012 the movement was given new life, the movement is growing now.   

 We Jews are in such distress, for example;
I, like many of Jewry tend to say Jew in the singular and Jews in the plural when ever speaking English, yet what I learned from my aunt was that the singular is Jewish and the plural is Jewry, I learned that the dictionary in the United States lacks the necessary correctness to explain this factor, I learned that Judaism is a cultural-religion and that this is what the Jewish Nation is based on, I already knew that Jewish People have no foundation in race and/or ethnicity, what I did not realize was that we were a Nation, in fact I was confused on the matter of what a Nation truly is, our Nation is based on culture and religion, we are not the only Nation based on culture and religion, even when I became a Bundist I did not fully understand the notion of Nationality and what factors manifest as a Nation.   

All five branches of Judaism suffer with mental illness, not because they are false, but because they suffer with Western interference that come from the pressures that originated within the Age of Enlightenment:  
Reform Judaism lacks any cultural awareness, so many of their Jewry are assimilated, you could say of most every Reform Jew that he or she is hardly Jewish at all. 
Conservative Judaism attempts to be normative, and yet all that this branch of Judaism has ever truly proven is that Conservative Judaism is Zionism disguised as Judaism, and it is not even relevant as to whether or not this is how Conservative Judaism began, and even if Conservative Judaism has any anti-Zionist history, today in our time Conservative Jews have shown over and over again that Conservative Jews are simply Zionists in Jewish clothing.  
Reconstructionist Judaism is weak and too small in numbers to have any political unity, I have yet to see a unified opinion among the Reconstructionist Jews.
Modern Orthodox Judaism has become interchangeable with Religious Zionism, I would later come to identify as a Modern Orthodox Jewish Woman, yet I don't get along with other Modern Orthodox Jews at all, at some point Modern Orthodox Judaism became the religion of the Religious Zionists, so I find my self still in communication with Ultra-Orthodox Jews, yet they look down on me for not having full Ultra-Orthodox dress, I have heard of similar stories. 
Ultra-Orthodox Judaism asks of every Jew to be a light unto the Nations, yet the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis expect us to stay locked up in isolation from the outside world, even the sect that I was part of that did gentile outreach always avoided politics and so we could give no political solutions to Noahide anti-Zionists. 

And the entire reason why I started the Bundist Movement with Dr. abraham Weizfeld and Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua was because I could not find enough active Bundists, and the Bundists that I did find were disingenuous in their Bundism, I have been very frustrated with the dying Jewish community, too much cultural genocide has been carried out against us. I would rather die a physical death everyday, than to have who we are changed because of the Zionist parasite within our collective culture. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bundism and Music

The music of the Bundist Movement 

By Dona Newman

The Bundist Movement is about action, and that is what we do is action.
First a disclaimer:
Bundists have nothing in common with the Zionists except for two charismatics;
#1 Bundists and Zionists both recognize a Jewish Nation.
#2 Bundists and Zionists both reject Leon Trotsky as a flipflopping opportunistic  backstabber.
The Bundist Movement holds no guilt for deciding to claim some of the Jewish Anarchist songs as Bundist songs, and the Bundist Movement holds no guilt for deciding to claim some of the Jewish Zionist songs as Bundist songs; this depends on the content, if a song just so happens to be written by a Zionist and yet has no reference to Zionism then it may be eligible for Bundist use so long as the song can be relevant to Bundism.

A second disclaimer:
Songs that are not traditionally political may be necessary for memorial reasons;
Judaism is a Cultural Religion, and Bundists seek to protect Jewish Religion and Jewish Culture especially in the context of Yiddishism. The Bundist Movement is not in any way anti-religion, rather the Bundist Movement takes a non-religious position in the context of politics. Trotskyism is a threat to the Bundist Movement and although this may seem to be irrelevant to the subject of Bundist music, the relevance of this is extremely crucial. The Bundist Movement can be traced back to the old Jewish Labour Bund, yet the Bundist Movement is much more refined and developed.
Part of our refined development is our awareness to critical mistakes made by the old Jewish Labour Bund, one of these mistakes is the alliance with Leon Trotsky, in fact that was the second most critical error of the old Jewish Labour Bund. Understanding this, we can say that Bundists are against the assimilatist nature of Marxism. And sadly Joseph Stalin was more in alignment with Bundists than Leon Trotsky. While not his only mistake, the most critical mistake of Joseph Stalin was how much he idolized Vladimir Lenin. Unlike the self-hating Jew that was Leon Trotsky, Bundists understood the vindication of Jewishness. Identity politics is very important, and it was Joseph Stalin who understood this, the work of Stalin would inspire Mao Zedong, furthermore Mao Zedong's work would be important to the struggle carried out by the Black Panther Party who we in the Bundist Movement identify with. Joseph Stalin brutalized Bundists because he never questioned Vladimir Lenin, he was just to devout as a Leninist. As the reader may now realize this is all about identity politics, Yiddish is crucial to Jewish identity politics and so we are going to push Yiddish music to ensure that a further layer of culture can be made more universal to the Jewish People.
For the Jewish People to survive an extra layer of culture is necessary, a layer of political culture that is resistant to Zionism and assimilation of any sort, this is only possible when we all without shame recognize that without Judaism there is no Jewish People, and Judaism is a cultural Religion.
And this brings us to the first most critical error of the old Jewish Labour Bund, failure to emphasize the self evident foundation of the Jewish People, and the use of Yiddish music will help to fix this.   

In Kamf
We are going to use the Jewish anarchist song In Kamf by David Edelstadt for the Bundist Movement. We are taking this song from the Jewish Anarchists and claiming it for the Bundist Movement because this song applies to our struggle for restoring the Jewish political Culture.

Arbeter, Vakht Oyf!

The last I heard concerning any information about "Arbeter, Vakht Oyf!" was that this song was written by Hyman Kaplan, yet I understood Hyman Kaplan to be a fictional person coming from the imagination of Leo RostenYou can see how I am so confused as to the true origins of this song. 
To be sure "Arbeter, Vakht Oyf!" is a very important song to Socialism, the very Yiddishist nature of this song means that the Bundist Movement has to claim it. Besides no one is really using this song anymore. The boss still needs workers, we are taking this song before robots replace humanity in the workplaces.

Vilna by A. L. Wolfson & Alexander Olshanestsky is a song that the Bund must claim; 
as there were many Bundists in the city of Vilna, and we are not concerned any longer with offending other political groups with our need to preserve the memory of our role in Ashkenazi Jewish history. 

Der zig fun di klokmeykers
Der zig fun di klokmeykers is a very important Socialist song in Yiddish, we are taking this song away from the Zionists and claiming it for the Bund, this song is by Morris Rund. I do not really know if Morris Rund was a Zionist, all I know for sure is that Labour Zionists would sing this every time I made a trip to England. 

Songs that are not traditionally political, that we claim for Bundism anyway: 

Mein Shtetl Belz
We are going to utilize this song a lot because this song promotes Shtetl life. 
There are two extremes that the Bundist Movement discourages. 
The first extreme is assimilation and the second extreme is isolationism
Before I get further into this I need to make something clear to the reader, the Bundist Movement seeks to protect the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community from the LGBT Community, and the Bundist Movement seeks to protect the LGBT Community from the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community. 
Assimilation of any Community is wrong and unethical. Mein Shtetl Belz is important as a song, this song must be utilized to halt attempts towards assimilation. 
The Bundist Movement is for integration, yet never assimilation.
Integration is not something that can be forced only encouraged. 
Oyfn Pripetchik
Oyfn Pripetchik is a song is about a Rabbi teaching his young students the Jewish alphabet.
This song is very important to our collective memory of pre-Holocaust Europe.
I will even go as far as to say that this song inspires a restoration of the old Jewish Diaspora. 

Tumbalalaika is a Jewish folk song in the Yiddish language. We need this song, this song oozes with Shtetl Yiddishkeit, such a song is good for the very promotion of Doikeit. 


This song by Mordechai Gebirtig is so culturally important that we can not bypass it. 

Songs that are already Bundist:

Di Shvue
Di Shvue is the Bundist Anthem, that says everything. 

Arbetlose Marsch 
This song was written for Bundists.

This is the Bundist Youth Anthem.
This song also happens to be a very important Partisan song.

Zog nit keyn mol
Zog nit keyn mol is the Jewish Partisan Song, the majority of the Jewish Partisans where Bundist, enough said.

Oy ir Narishe Tsienistn
This short Yiddish song just happens to be my all time favorite song.
This song may be very short but it is so Bundist, this song is Socialist, anti-Zionist, and most importantly Jewish. This song expresses the utopian madness that Zionists suffer with.
Zionists, even today dependent on outside assistance as they are never self determined.

Hey, hey, daloy politsey!
We need to remember that "Hey, hey, daloy politsey!" was poular with Bund, as it was with the Jewish Anarchists as well. We don't need to justify our use of this song whatsoever.