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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

One Year Ago - May 27, 2019; and a Self-Criticism

By; Dona Newman 

I want to thank Jason Unruhe for interviewing Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua. No one else has taken us seriously, many saw what happened and are too afraid to speak out. So much of our plans have been completely undone. What people need to know is that we took on big issues. It looks like the Bundist Movement is collapsing, this note is going to be a self-criticism. The events of May 27, 2019 were my fault, I have had two strokes since then and my conversations with Dr. Weizfeld via Email are becoming more and more frustrating as I don't think he investigates anything I tell him. This however will not be a criticism of him, although such a note is coming.
I am very grateful for this Picture that was given to us, we did not have a picture before.
This is the only picture as far as we know of the Synagogue as it was.
This is the only known photo of the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona.
These are a list of my confessions. 
I have withheld written notes that Dr. abraham Weizfeld wrote to our Maoist Comrades.
I been camera shy, I have heard my voice on recording and I hate it.
I have let Comrade Net take the blame for everything that goes array in the Bundist Movement.
I want to tell myself that I was once a courageous fighter as Hannah Toff when she was living.
I really feel ashamed that I am not the Partisan my Aunt was.
I have failed to keep things in the direction agreed upon.
The two things that I really excel in is political theory and a grasp of geopolitics.
I have expected others to understand what I understand but instead of explaining, I have ridiculed others for not understanding what I understand.
I really wish I had been more forceful with Isaiah P. Kamatstein, I felt that I should have done more to ensure that the Wedding did not take place in his Synagogue, both Hannah Toff and Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua were constantly keeping watch at that Synagogue. That Synagogue was not recognized by other Reconstructionalist Rabbis for many reasons, but it was gaining a really good reputation. Comrade Net and Hannah both became very sleep deprived as result staying up very late watching that place. This means that I should have said more to Isaiah. Isaiah was my friend, he was more than just my Comrade, he was like my taller darker brother. Mariam Emesberg's ghost haunts me whenever Covid-19 is mentioned. Mariam Emesberg had said to me more than once that Coronaviruses could erupt into a global pandemic. I knew this was true but I did not worry to much about any of that. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Mariam knew, she knew that if we as Humanity did not pay attention a pandemic was going to grow out of the Coronaviruses. I should have told more to Dr. abraham Weizfeld about Uri Adiah and how much he knew about Syria and the Kurdish People. I should have arranged a get together or something like that. Uri Adiah knew more about Syria than anyone in all of the North American Continent. I used to poke fun at Marvin Eliyahu and he was always very generous. His Truck was always filthy with burger wrappers and soda cans everywhere, I can remember Uri complaining about it, preferring to get a ride from either myself or Hannah. Uri Adiah and Marvin Eliyahu were always together and they made a great deal of this work. I wish that I had not been so belittling towards Marvin. I confess to all of this.