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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Palestinian-Hebrew Democratic Federation

By Marvin Eliyahu

I was born in the Zionist-State, and I am much more educated than most Citizens of the Zionist-State. I have the right to speak on the behalf of the Citizens of the Zionist-State, as the majority of them are not informed and most of them are not even on a mature adult level. The education system that they are brought up in is one that teaches hate and to fear the indigenous Palestinian population.
The average Citizen of the Zionist-State has at best the mentality of an Adolescent and at worst the mentality of a toddler.
There are many Citizens of the Zionist-State who take an identical stance to my own.
Some of the most mature Citizens of the Zionist-State are teenagers who refuse to do harm and then are thrown into prison, when released they are broken in the mind and can no longer grow as a Human grows, they too must be avenged along with World Jewry and the indigenous Palestinian population. World Jewry suffers the blame for any and all actions carried out by the Zionist-State, the indigenous Palestinian population are being robbed of their homes and many of them exiled and denied any return to their homes, and as for the Citizens of the Zionist-State the indoctrination imposed upon them is worse than the indoctrination imposed upon the Citizens of the United States of America.

This is the Mandate to proclaim a permanent dismantlement of the State of Israel. 

The State of Israel has proven to be a threat to the Jewish People, the Palestinian People and its very own Citizens, having rogue foundations hostile to World Jewry, the indigenous Palestinian population, even showing many cases of Ashkenazi-racism towards both the Mizrahim and the dark-skin African refugees. Palestinians suffer under Apartheid and the Mizrahim and the dark-skin African refugees suffer under Jim Crow and Jane Crow social norms. 



Proclamation One:
All of World Jewry is called Israel, therefore no Country has a right to use that name.

Proclamation Two: 
The new word to describe the refugee-People is changed henceforth to Lis'rodi לִשְׂרוֹדי as the word Israeli is defamatory, showing both an insensitivity to those both Jewish and those Palestinian. 

Proclamation Three:
The dark-skin African peoples who have joined the Lis'rodi People shall remain as part of the Lis'rodi Nation.

Proclamation Four:
# 1. Funding for all Israelis who want to leave.
# 2. Right of Return for the Palestinians.
# 3. Ending the Zionist-Right of Return.
# 4. End of the Apartheid State calling it self Israel.
# 5. Foundation of a MultiNational Democratic Federation. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shabbos Emergency

To begin with, I will tell you that the Bundist Movement treats the Shabbos as a most sacred sacrament, yet in times of danger even the most Ultra-Orthodox of World Jewry will violate the Shabbos when a Cow is stuck in a ditch, when a person's life is at stake it is necessary to violate the Shabbos.
The Bundist Movement is at WAR, we fight a war on Zionism.
As I am Reform Jewish not Jewish Orthodox, I am writing this post. 
I do keep Shabbos, but my observance of Shabbos is not Orthodox.
I must make a disclaimer for our readers, as the further in depth position that the Bundist Movement takes on rules and relation to Torah Law has yet to be fully proclaimed, expressed, and explained.
So it falls to me to explain a portion of the reasoning of the Bundist Movement.
The Bundist Movement has a Jewish Orthodox policy, on Shabbos we typically refrain from internet activities. 
When and if an article must be written on Shabbos, it is I who must take up the task as I respect the Orthodox to much to let them violate their practices.

 Dr. abraham Weizfeld is in the West Bank at this exact time.
I bring to you a fact, on the date of March 30, 2016 he was shot by an Israeli, I am not sure if this was Police or Military.
What I do know is that the rubber bullets are not rubber, I have been informed over and over again that these are metal and that they have plastic wrapped around them.
Just recently this happened again, this time it was not a bullet wrapped in plastic.
The year is 2018, the month is February, as for the day it was either the 20th or the 21st.
Dr. abraham Weizfeld was hit by a gas grenade or a flash bomb or some type of weapon I am not able to identify, but he did have to get inside the Red Crescent Ambulance.
We fear for the safety of Dr. abraham Weizfeld, he was bold and courageous, when the Israeli police decided to throw these weapons that I am unable to identify, these weapons were thrown at the Press.
Understandably the Press backed off somewhat.
Dr. abraham Weizfeld on the other hand he just kept filming.
We the Jewish People along with the Palestinian People are equally enraged.
In fact We The Jewish People are the only People who can truly maintain that our anger towards Zionist ideology and Zionist-Apartheid is genuinely equal to that of the Palestinian People.

It was the German Jewry of 19th Century who founded the Jewish reform movement, rejecting the idea of a Jewish nation and proclaiming themselves "Germans of the Mosaic faith." The Jewish reform movement of those days was a compromise between assimilation and Jewish orthodox tradition.
Orthodox Jewry in those times as they do in our time, tend to confuse Reform Judaism with assimilationism, this assumption is not quite accurate.
Reform Judaism has evolved much since the time of the early days of Reform Judaism, and now many of us in view of history are beginning to realize that the most educated Byzantine Catholics are identifying as a Nation. 
It is true that many Nations emerge out of Ethnic-Culture such as is the case of the Romani People and the Italian People, but it is also becoming clear to a lot of people throughout the World that some Nations emerge out of Cultural-Religion such as the Byzantine Catholic People and ourselves the Jewish People. 
It is true that Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionalist Judaism, and Reform Judaism are problematic yet as time passes and more courage to challenge the lies of Nationalism can be felt throughout society. There is an uncovering taking place that remembers the historical light of truth, it is history it self that exposes the Age of Enlightenment as a movement to undo the progression of the Renaissance.
There is no Jewish race, there is no Jewish ethnicity, but there is a Jewish Nation.
The Jewish Nation is rooted in Culture and Religion, the Jewish Nation is not unique to this. 
The best example by far is that of the Byzantine Catholic Nation, and of course several Byzantine Catholics are unaware of the reality of their own Nationality because the language of Nationalism has corrupted their understanding of what a Nation truly is, the Jewish Nation has had this problem even more so. Many members of the Jewish People reject that there is a Jewish Nation, yet there is a Jewish Nation and history does show this, the confusion arises with Nationalism and most every other movement that is rooted in the false logic of the Age of Enlightenment.
I remain in Reform Judaism not because I am against Judaism, but because my observance is not full, today the realities of Reform Judaism, Reconstructionalist Judaism, and Conservative Judaism only fall back on one of two things; the first one is actually dying out fortunately and this is of course Zionism, and then there is the notion of Observance Level. 
I myself do not acknowledge Converts from the Reform, Conservative, or the Reconstructionalist but I do recognize their potential as Jewish, but to be Jewish either you are born from a Jewish mother or you convert through the Orthodox, yet I think that conversion to Orthodox Judaism needs to not be as difficult as it has become and I have talked to Nethanel Ben-Yahushua and Dona Newman about this extensively, Jewish Reform persons such as myself who are born of Jewish mothers are truly Jewish because of our upbringing and our logic, this Jewishness can not be passed to anyone non-Jewish by any means except for Orthodox Education and commitment to Torah values and thus only Orthodox conversion is truthful. 
The Jewishness of Dr. abraham Weizfeld is not something anyone anywhere at any time has a right to challenge in spite of the fact that he is an Agnostic, he is just way to Jewish for anyone to try. 
On top of that he is just way to Jewish Orthodox for anyone to put this into question.
Dr. abraham Weizfeld thinks not only Jewish, his entire logic is Jewish Orthodox.
If you are left still wondering read the Man's Thesis and everything will start to make sense.    
I have gone as far as I have with this incomprehensible Jewy tangent because 
WE at the Bundist Movement are so busy that we are still working tirelessly to put out all of our information on the Internet and yet the full description of how and why and what are the ways in which the Bundist Movement takes on rules and relation to Torah Law, and as to how we relate this to even our Atheists and our Agnostics has never been fully explained, as this is the responsibility of Nethanel Ben-Yahushua and Dona Newman.  
It was Nethanel Ben-Yahushua and Dona Newman both who authorized me to write this, and this is the first glimpse anyone has been given into how we handle Jewishness. 
Our prayers and our hopes and our very best wishes to Dr. abraham Weizfeld, WE recognize him as having the right to cut off Zionist heretics from the Jewish Nation and even the authority to denounce them if he so sees fit, as he is one of the strongest emulators of Our Torah Culture.

By: Uri Adiah

Friday, February 23, 2018

Photos From Dounia In The West Bank: Part 2

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua 

Dounia has given me much to show you, and please share this with all of your friends and family. The Palestinian Revolution is here. Jewish interests are at one with the interests of Palestine, and not Israel.

Palestinians are coming to understand that is it by any means necessary that they must further their struggle. Sadly the brutalization of the Zionists continues. Yasser Arafat was a Revolutionary who understood that Nonviolence can only work when you have sympathizers. Unfortunately he kept his promises in The Oslo Accords yet the Zionists an not keep a single treaty, now is the time for Al Fatah to rise and declare a revolutionary plan and the Bundist Movement must be ready to join in the defense of Palestine. The Palestinians do a lot of Nonviolent protests and they will defend themselves when under attack, as they should because every action that the Zionist forces of Israel have been recently doing to the citizens of Palestine has been completely illegal. The Oslo Accords was nothing but a way to take all of Palestine away from the Palestinians, an enraging revelation that the Palestine Liberation Organization has come to realize over these land-grabbing years.
The Zionists hit this man with one of the "rubber bullets" in the veins, 
Dounia says he was saved by chance, this event was on December 23rd of 2017: 

 This is a photo taken from Dounia, this is a 16 year old male having a severe injury:

On the same day, a Journalist is attacked with the bullets, this causes severe damage to his head, 
he was wounded by fragments of the metal:
 This is a photo of the exact same Journalist:

Both the 16 year old male and the Journalist were attacked during a night military incursion in the Village near Nablus. The following photos are taken showing the victims of the Zionist raid that took place on the 23rd of December, 2017:

Gut Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom, this has been Part 2,
 Part 3 will be coming soon . . .

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Photos From Dounia In The West Bank: Part 1

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua 

First of all I would like to give my deepest thanks to the French Journalist who has granted me permission to utilize her work so that I may give you this information with a bit of fresh detail. 

Everyone of these photos has been provided by Dounia who is in the West Bank right now. 

As events continue to become more terrifying for the indigenous Palestinian population, the stances and messages of Dr. Weizfeld is gaining ground, with another cameraman confirming his work from another angle, all of this is given a deeper sense of reality. 

I would like all of you to see the message communicated in these photos, and let it sink in.
The uncertain future of Palestine is what is being undermined.
Now to those of you who claim to truly care about The Palestinian Struggle and The Final Defeat of Zionism, it is to you that I am showing this.
Dounia has been working very closely with Dr. abraham Weizfeld in the West Bank.
This is a photo of Dr. abraham Weizfeld taken by Dounia:
And this is also a picture of Dr. abraham Weizfeld taken by Dounia:

This is a picture taken at the Village of Kufr Kadoum.
This was on a Saturday - June 6th, 2017.
The names of these Palestinian kids are anonymous, the reason for this is because Palestinian children are being arrested, killed, humiliated at a almost daily rate and this is all despite age.
The ages of these children are Seven and Five.
The only crime they have committed is defending their own land from brutal occupation:

December 6th, 2017 was the day that nightmares came true, this was the day that the Holy City that once belong to three great Religions was crudely and maliciously handed over to the last remaining Apartheid State in the World. The backlash from Palestinians continues and these are a set of photos taken during a demonstration on December 23rd, 2017:

I have already made the matter understood on several occasions to friends and people who visit my in-Person Forums that the Israeli Military  brutalizes civilians on a daily basis, I have also tried to explain that the "rubber bullets" are not rubber, these bullets are actually metal with plastic wrapped around the metal part. This is Qassam a fifteen year old male, he was hit by a so-called "rubber bullet" in his eye about a month and a half ago, he lost the sight of an eye, two weeks ago they hit him again with a live bullet in the thigh:

This post is only Part 1, Part 2 is coming soon . . .