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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Miriam Emesberg: I dreamed once that I had a ran a house and that I had twelve Sons and one Daughter.

By Miriam Emesberg 

I dreamed once that I had a house and that I had twelve Sons and one Daughter.
Now I know that this dream was childish. I conclude that this was a dream based on Torah Myth, my subconscious was falling into a girlish fantasy. And I say to the readers of this blog, be not troubled for indeed I shall go further into this.
I am not the mother of the twelve Sons of Jacob, and Dinah is not my Daughter.
Jacob had two wives.
Or perhaps two wives and two concubines.
Or maybe four wives.
I suppose this depends on how you read into the text.
Knowing this how could I compare to Rachel.
Nonviolence goes hand in hand with Stockholm syndrome.
Support the Troops! Disarm the Poor!
America First! Fuck the World!
Turn the other cheek to the Blue lives! Exploit the Third and Fourth World!
Nonviolence goes hand in hand with Stockholm syndrome.
Support Feminism! Blacks need to Get Over It!
Liberation for Women via Pro-Choice! Disarm Mothers!
Scream "Me Too"! Support Pornographic Human Trafficking!
Nonviolence goes hand in hand with Stockholm syndrome.
Rip off the hijab off a Muslim Women! Claim that it is Liberation!
Attack Judaism with Antisemitic tropes! Love Feminist Israel!
Say that only Nonviolence is moral! Then outlaw all of the tactics used by the Nonviolent!
Hannah Toff and me struggle on many subjects.
Yet I can truly say that Hannah Toff is becoming my best friend.
Marvin Eliyahu and Uri Adiah are best friends and roommates.
When I met Hannah Toff we had common ground yet we truly hated each other.
Things have changed over time.
We both reject Feminism for its White roots.
The difference of course is that she advocates for egalitarianism, a notion incompatible with the Old World.
Feminism is war on tradition.
Egalitarianism is from the Natives of the American Continent.
Masculinism is the defense of the organic and traditional.  
I wear a scarf and I hate the stupid Pro-Choice Crusade of individualism.
Whenever I mention that I am not Pro-Choice, I get accused of being Pro-Life.
Traditionally the position of Judaism on abortion is not Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.
Traditionally the position of Judaism on abortion is Pro-Circumstance.
It is rather suspicious to me that the number one advocates of Pro-Choice are always Men.
I am a Masculinist because the number one place we need to be regressive is on this issue.
Male Chauvinism is European in origin, the Non-European World, with perhaps China as the rare exception has not been male chauvinist.
Men are Men.
Women are Women.
Transgenders are not the problem, but Feminists are.
Every time a Woman like myself defends the traditions the Feminists come to speak in my name.
I live in Arizona and I lost my friend who lives with me, she has become rather intolerant of my views lately and she is going Zionist all of a sudden. One of the things that Liberal supporters of BDS don't like to mention is that Zionism and Feminism have a very strong shared history with each other. I am making plans to move into an Apartment with Hannah Toff and that will not be to hard as her lease will be ending in a matter of months. I can tolerate Sexual Egalitarianism but I declare war on Feminism. I used to know a Trans-Woman who lived in Mesa and she was understandably very Anti-Mormon which makes perfect sense as Anti-Mormon spells Pro-Human. She used to always say that Feminists are the cancer in the LGBT Movement and she would be accused of all kinds of things for saying this. Representation for LGBT and Women of every stripe does not exist, as long as Feminists speak in our name this will not be changing. It is also Cis-Men who lead the charge against organic gender roles. No one makes the statement "There is no physical or emotional difference between Men and Women." that very cold statement just shows how disconnected Cis-Men tend to be.
I used to dream that I had a house and that I had twelve Sons and one Daughter.
I need to protect other Women who seek to do the same. 
I look at the future of the World, I think we are doomed.
Feminists in Arizona claim that Men are oppressing Women even though the State of Arizona continues to protect single Mothers while the single Fathers are usually left with nothing.
Feminists say that traditional homes like the ones in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are the greatest threat to LGBT even though the organic roles of Men and Women are not the threat to LGBT, the threat to LGBT is Homophobia and Transphobia.
We are ever so doomed, in this climate of hate. I dreamed once that I had a ran a house and that I had twelve Sons and one Daughter, it was a foolish girlish dream, if I was married I would have a Husband to protect me and because I never will I must get armed.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Committees and the Black Jewish Connection

By Isaiah P. Kamatstein.  

I need to make a statement about Committees and I need to make a statement about the Black Jewish Connection, and in doing so I hope to further the fuller more flushed out Bundist theory.
Listen up Niggas! first let me explain more about African Nations, Black Nationality, and Afro-Unity.
Africa is a Continent, Northern Africans can be distinct from Western Africans.
Central Africans can be distinct from both Eastern Africans and Southern Africans. Being a Black Man makes me an African but it does not make me a Egyptian Man.
Blackness is connected to Africa, but Egyptian Americans fall into the category of African Americans yet Egyptian Americans do not fall into the category of Black Americans.
Understand Niggas? be aware that Libyans can be darker skin or olive skin, all who are Libyan constitute as African.

Afro Nationality encompasses both African and Black.

Indigenous South Africans are both African and Black, this is because their plight and ongoing Auto-determination gives them Blackness. White South Africans are not Black, and they must shed off Whiteness and recognize that they are European Immigrant-Citizens.
The more I learn about the late Fredrick Danson from Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Miriam Emesberg the more I like this fallen Comrade. Fredrick Danson was able to explain religiosity as a matter of orientation, he was a Christian Atheist and a Homosexual. I am not an Atheist, but I am a Homosexual. My religiosity is Jewish not Byzantine Catholic. My Culture is not Byzantine Catholic it is Black and Jewish. I wish I would have met Fredrick Danson he has made real contributions to Socialist theory and I am happy that both Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Miriam Emesberg will be using his contributions for the coming Manifesto.  Fredrick Danson warned people that true Pan-European Nationality was worthy to shake off Whiteness so long as the Right-Wing racist reactionaries did not hijack it. Sadly his work is only being published now and it is European Jewry that needs to rescue true Pan-European resistance from reactionary Pan-European fascist diction.
True Pan-Europeanism calls for cooperation with Pan-Africanism and Pan-Asianism along with removing the indoctrination of Whiteness. Blackness has a distinct characteristic. Whiteness is root-Colonialism and it is necessary to crush the Alt-Right hijacking of the Pan-European cause. The Alt-Right hijacking of the Pan-European cause turns Pan-Europeanism into its very opposite. Because I am half Ashkenazi, I am European but not White.
I am proof of Fredrick Danson's theories on National-Cultural Autonomy and National Cosmopolitanality which serves to back up abraham Weizfeld PhD's notion of Auto-determination.    

This quote from Fredrick Danson goes as follows . . .

My Nationality is American, Russian and Byzantine Catholic. 
My citizenship is American so I am not recognized as a Russian and I do not care.  . . .

He was on to something here, how interesting that he would inform his students on how important Dr. Weizfeld and Chris Hedges are to greater study, I agree, but I would say that Comrade Net is correct when he says that Russian is Cultural but not National. It is also known that Fredrick Danson died before he could probe Anarchism. Fredrick Danson further wrote . . . 

Ever since I was a boy I have been deeply influenced by my mother's Anti-Communism and my father's Anti-Capitalism. I am a Urban Scholar but let me make it clear I owe much to the Academics. I do not believe in the 3 post-feudal ways of modern politics, these being number one Capitalism, number two Communism and number three Fascism/Nazism/Corporate Nationalism. I do not expect for the reader to embrace everything I say, I'm confident I will have full disciples as well as critics as well as those who agree with me in part. 
National Cultural Autonomy was truly a notion that was originally expressed by the Jewish Labor Bund. To explain National Cultural Autonomy it is necessary to understand what Nationality is. 
. . .

I disagree with the dismissal of the 3 post-feudal ways of modern politics, but I agree with the notion of Urban Scholars. Both Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Miriam Emesberg are clearly Urban Scholars and now I too profess to be one and I encourage Dona Newman to do the same. 

On the matter of Committees.
I hold the office of the Councilman of Committees.
I need to explain what this means.
I am in charge of a Council of Committees.
I lead a Jewish committee to the Roman Catholic Church, this committee is necessary as Roman Catholics continue to reach out to the Jewish Nation yet World Jewry clearly has a turbulent history with the World Community of Roman Catholics.
I lead a Jewish committee to the LGBT Community, this is necessary due to the repression of the LGBT Community.
I lead a Jewish committee to the marginalized criminals of the Western First World Countries, this is important because some criminals are our friends and some criminals are our enemies and knowing the difference is crucial in the struggle.
I lead other Jewish committees to other groups, but those are the ones I have had to invest the most time into.  
My work often puts me in relation to the other Council members, much more than the four other Council members are found in relation to each other.
I help Uri Adiah with laying down the foundations for his office as the Councilman of National Affairs because I am a Jewish Black so I help strengthen his understanding of Black Nationality.
I help Marvin Eliyahu with laying down the foundations for his office as the Councilman of World Forums, I have helped him especially on the African Forum and the European Forum.
I help Miriam Emesberg with laying down the foundations for her office as the Councilwoman of Education (she has also educated me greatly) I know a lot of history about the Black Panthers and Malcolm X so this helps her with the foundations to her office.
I help Hannah Toff with laying down the foundations for her office as the Councilwoman of Strategic Projects, I share much of my knowledge with her about living in the poor urban neighborhoods and what it takes to put the Police PIGS in their place.

The Black Jewish Connection

To make the Black Jewish Connection work, we need to understand that Black Nationality is based on Culture and Ethnicity and that Jewish Nationality is based on Culture and Religion. This connection has been undermined by both sides. There is a problem in Jewry that refuses to criticize Blacks. There is also a problem in Jewry that seeks to water down the Black struggle.
There is a problem in Blacks that is clearly Judeophobic. There is a problem in Blacks to stigmatize European Jewry as the Ultra-Whites. Both Jewry and Blacks have common cause unrecognized. European Jewry and Blacks both tend to dismiss Jewish Blacks and Jewish Africans, this is Antisemitism in the form of racism. The solution is Jewry are based in Torah Culture and the Religiosity of the Slaves under Pharaoh. The solution is Blacks are based in Proletariat Culture and the Ethnicity of the most exploited of the Third World. Torah Culture and African Ethnicity have their roots in Glory and Struggle, together we can free the world from Colonialism. This is the Black Jewish Connection. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Syrian War: Confusing Subject

By Uri Adiah 

The truth about what is actually going on in Syria can be a very confusing subject.
I know a lot about Syria I have been there many times, I hope to see Syria again, but what makes me very sad is that every time I return to Syria it is always more devastated by this war than the last time that I have seen the place. Make no mistake America started this war. The citizens of Syria are joining the Syrian Arab Armed Forces more and more. Every time I visit, this is how it is.
The Syrian Arab Armed Forces are perceived as heroes more so to the Jewish Syrian and Syrian Christian populations than anyone else in the Country. This does not mean that Bashar al-Assad is a good guy, it just means that he is supported by most Syrians. I could never find a single person Jewish in opposition to Bashar al-Assad, I know my way around Syria very well and yet most remain dismissive of what I say whenever I return to America, and the only reason for this is because Americans desire a westernization of Syria to take place so they are willing to be deceived by such groups as the White Helmets. Before I get into this further, I need to mention that I am getting called out lately as being sectarian, especially towards Anarchists. I find that Anarchists tend to be the most indifferent to the crisis in Syria, I could even mention my own experiences and they just don't care. The AZ Anarcho Punk Bloc stationed in Phoenix, Arizona has fostered rumors that Hannah Toff and Miriam Emesberg are tearing the Bundist Movement apart, even though this is not true. I don't hate Anarchists and clearly my bad experiences with Anarchists do not compare to the experiences of Hannah Toff on the matter of Anarchists, after all she used to be an Anarchist. I reject the notion that I am sectarian, and I reject the notion that I am anti-Anarchist. On the issue of Anarchists I need to remind everyone that my current girlfriend is an Anarchist and she has been very complementary when visiting the Bundist HQ. I have been called anti-Trotskyist lately and this is what was said about me last year in 2018. Maybe I need to remind everyone that last year when I helped Hannah Toff track down the five attackers who put Dona Newman in the hospital with their violence we found that they were ideologically confirmed Trotskyists, nothing sectarian on my end – it is also not my fault that we could not get the police to investigate the attackers of Dona Newman – we live in Arizona for Moe's sake. Back to the subject of Bashar al-Assad, it is true that he cares nothing for the Kurdish. It is also true that he liberalized the economy, but Bashar al-Assad is not an Imperialist.
It is irrelevant whether or not Bashar al-Assad has chemical weapons, no credible evidence has ever been given to the claims that he gassed or poisoned the civilians back in 2013, yet there has been mountains of evidence that the so-called rebels were beheading civilians, and I am not even referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – I am referring to the FSA and the Al Nusra Front.
The Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups have built a reputation for recruiting child soldiers, shelling civilian-populated areas, taking hostages and murdering members of religious minorities, they in particular have a hatred towards Judaism. A May 2013 UN Report confirmed that rebel groups in the war had used the nerve agent sarin gas as a weapon against the Syrian government, not much coverage was given for this. The Free Syrian Army was found multiple times using Facebook to spread propaganda against Bashar al-Assad while at the same time helping spread Judeophobic and anti-Shia messages. I was permanently kicked off Facebook in 2014 after exposing an FSA fighter on Facebook who openly praised Military Dictatorship. That is perfectly fine with me though, I never want to see Facebook again. The US-led coalition that claims its aims to be fighting ISIL has done nothing for Syrian liberation, the only aim that Americanism has concerning Syria is further oil monopolization. Civilian casualties from airstrikes by the US-led coalition increased 2,286 civilian deaths since the beginning of the campaign until September 2017. It is a rather odd humanitarianism.
Has everyone forgotten the beheading of a boy in Aleppo?
That was not the work of Assad, it was the work of anti-Assad forces. In an effort for everyday westerners to reconcile emerging facts they tend to support the "neutral" White Helmets. To the point of uniformity the Corporate Western media, hails the White Helmets as heroic first responders rescuing injured civilians in rebel-controlled parts of Syria. As much as I appreciate Amnesty International, they always end up shilling for the interests of Americanism. I hold Amnesty International accountable for the murder of Gaddafi and I hold Amnesty International accountable for deceiving the Occidental masses to such a level that they fully cheer the murderous invasion force organization better known as the Free Syrian Army. I have been to Syria several times and I have gotten to know several of the FSA fighters and what shakes me up the most is how much they praise the Al Nusra Front a very fanatical branch of Al Qaeda, the C.I.A is more than happy to ensure that Al Qaeda has the freedom to run amok because it creates an excuse for Imperialist invasion. But it is the White Helmets that are most disturbing, they put the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra to shame in disgraceful actions against civilians. The new opportunistic Corporation Netflix released a special “documentary” movie about them. The Netflix “documentary” won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Documentary. The White Helmets are also given good publicity from some alternative news sources. Bundists like myself endorse Democracy Now! yet we never do so uncritically. Democracy Now! ran a interview with the White Helmet infomercial directors. Democracy Now! also uncritically supported so-called rebels in Libya that turned out to be part of Al Qaeda. I wish to clarify something else to everyone who may be reading this, I wish to inform the readers of this blog that the areas served by the White Helmets are typically controlled by Al Nusra Front, these areas of Syria have very few civilians living in them and yet the claim is made that somehow the “White Helmets” have saved 65,000 people. The Pentagon works rather frantically to block all of this information that I am presenting to you in this article, if you look honestly into things you will find that what I have reported is the truth.
The People's Protection Units or People's Defense Units or the YPG is a mainly-Kurdish militia in Syria and the primary component of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria's Syrian Democratic Forces. The YPG is mostly ethnically Kurdish yet also includes Arabs, the YPG is also closely allied to the Syriac Military Council, a militia of Assyrians. Unlike the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Free Syrian Army, and the Al Nusra Front – the YPG actually has legitimate revolutionary cause. What is often missed is that both Bashar al-Assad's Government and the YPG should join forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the FSA, and  Americanism itself. This is so ironic that I get called sectarian, if you wish to see what is sectarian pay closer attention to the sectarian divide between Bashar al-Assad's Government and the YPG. The YPG was formed in 2004 as the armed wing of the Kurdish leftist Democratic Union Party. It expanded rapidly in the Syrian Civil War and came to predominate over other armed Kurdish groups. A sister group, the Women's Protection Units (YPJ), fights alongside them. The YPG is active in northern and eastern Syria. In early 2015, the YPG won a major victory over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria at the Siege of Kobanî, where the YPG began to receive air and ground support from the United States, sadly this would end up helping the Imperialist agenda of Americanism. The YPG has gotten support from Russia too, this is because Vladimir Putin knows that recognizes that Rojava as part of Syria's democratic future. What both the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad and YPG's Rojava need to do is recognize the Auto-Determination of each other. National-Cultural Autonomy is a fundamental right for every group of the that region. Vladimir Putin should put pressure on Bashar al-Assad to recognize the YPG and the Islamic Republic of Iran should develop a dialogue with the YPG. Turkey and Israel should both back out of this entire conflict as they will only make things worse just by having the audacity to claim to have a legitimate opinion in this crisis. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), commonly referred to as Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria. Northeastern Syria is multicultural and home to sizeable ethnic Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian populations, with smaller communities of ethnic Turkmen, Armenians and Chechens. It consists of self-governing sub-regions in the areas of Afrin, Jazira, Euphrates, Raqqa, Tabqa, Manbij and Deir Ez-Zor. The region gained its de facto autonomy in 2012 in the context of the ongoing Rojava conflict and the wider Syrian Civil War, where its official military force, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has taken part. The policies of Pan-Arab Nationalism and attempts at forced Arabization have been widespread in Northern Syria, to a large part directed against the Kurdish population. Americanists are willing and ready to use the desperation of Kurdish fighters to further Imperialism. Kurdish resistance has become so desperate that it matters not to most of the Kurds in Syria that I have met whether or not this is done at the expense of the wider Syrian population or not. The wider population of Syrians ideologically hate the Kurdish People, this is not the fault of Islam, it is the fault of Ba'ath Party. Ba'athism is a populist form of Pan-Arab Nationalism, and Pan-Arab Nationalism is really just Pan-Olive Skin reactionary fascism. The Middle East otherwise called the Western Orient is where Africa, Asia, and Europe meet. Nasser's Arab Nationalism was much better than classical Pan-Olive Skin reactionary fascism, Bashar al-Assad embraces Ba'athism which is a form of classical Pan-Olive Skin reactionary fascism. Americanism is much worse than the Ba'ath Party. This conflict will get worse I fear because no one is likely to consider all that I have written on what is probably the most confusing subject in today's conflicts. Whether you like it or not the agenda to overthrow Bashar al-Assad will send everyone on that land into misery.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Detention and Torture in the Jordan Valley


Call back to when we did this Article:                                                                 
We apologize for never getting back to it, but here is something more up to date. 

    Three days ago the Canadian citizen Dr abraham Weizfeld PhD was released from a day and night of torture at the hands of Israel’s occupation military in the Jordan Valley of Palestine. Dr Weizfeld is a resident in the Palestinian city of Nablus (Sukim/Shrem) in the north of the West Bank who came to join in a walk through the valley on the way to Israel’s colony or settlement of Ma’ale Efrayim, close to the Jordan border. The stretch of land crossed over is planned to be closed off and then annexed  to create a continuous series of settlements from East Jerusalem to the Jordan border, thus cutting off the north from the south of the West Bank.

  The eight people detained were five Palestinians, two Italian internationals and the Jewish-Palestinian Dr. Weizfeld. One Palestinian woman, Ghadeer Abu Zina, remains imprisoned. These 26 hours though do not compare to the years of detention for thousands of Palestinians presently. The detention and torture of a Jewish academic with Canadian citizenship points out the purely ideological nature of the State of Israel which otherwise claims to act on behalf of the Jewish People. The national chauvinism of Israel’s political culture is actually oriented to the State and not the Jewish people, who are subject to the antisemitism of the self-proclaimed supporters of the State of Israel. Jewish-Canadians or Jewish-Americans adhere to their countries of residence as their homeland equally with other residents and citizens. The Zionist ideology proclaims that such countries, which contain a majority of the world’s Jewish people, are not their homeland and that they should leave and come to Israel their one and only homeland, much the same way as the antisemitic populist wave of ‘White’ Christian Supremacists proclaim.
              The detention and torture of this Jewish Canadian, and now Palestinian,
demonstrates that the Israel State and its forces respect no rule of law and operate as a
dictatorship over the occupied Palestinian People. Neither International Law, nor Israel law
and not even Jewish law is respected by the famed Tzahal military forces of Israel which
continue the targeted killings of demonstrating Palestinians on the frontier of Gaza and
permit Zionist settlers to kill their Palestinian neighbours with impunity.

   To contact Dr abraham Weizfeld PhD;
        +970 569 538 169  [WhatsUp]


                                    Détention et torture dans la vallée du Jourdain
                                                     Communiqué de presse

        Il y a trois jours, le citoyen canadien Abraham Weizfeld, PhD, a été libéré après une journée et une nuit de torture aux mains de l'armée d'occupation d’Israël dans la vallée du Jourdain en Palestine. Le Dr Weizfeld est un résident de la ville palestinienne de Naplouse (Sukim / Shrem) au nord de la Cisjordanie qui est venu se joindre à une promenade dans la vallée sur le chemin menant à la colonie israélienne de Ma’ale Efrayim, près de la frontière avec la Jordanie. La bande de terre traversée devait être fermée puis annexée afin de créer une série contigüe de colonies de peuplement allant de Jérusalem-Est à la frontière avec la Jordanie, séparant ainsi le nord du sud de la Cisjordanie.

    Les huit personnes arrêtées de la marche étaient cinq Palestiniens, deux internationaux italiens et le Dr. juif-palestinien Weizfeld. Une femme palestinienne, Ghadeer Abu Zina, est toujours emprisonnée. Ces 26 heures ne sont cependant pas comparables aux années de détention touchant des milliers de Palestiniens à l’heure actuelle. La détention et la torture d'un universitaire juif de citoyenneté canadienne mettent en évidence la nature purement idéologique de l'État d'Israël, qui prétend par ailleurs agir au nom du peuple juif. Le chauvinisme national de la culture politique d’Israël est en réalité axé sur l’État et non sur le peuple juif, qui est soumis à l’antisémitisme des partisans autoproclamés pour l’État d’Israël. Les juifs canadiens ou juifs américains adhèrent à leur pays de résidence comme à leur patrie, à égalité avec les autres résidents et citoyen-nes. L'idéologie sioniste proclame que ces pays, qui regroupent la majorité du peuple juif du monde, ne sont pas leur patrie et qu'ils devraient attribuer à Israël leur seule fonction patrie, à peu près de la même manière que la vague populiste antisémite 'White' suprémacistes chrétiens le proclament.

    La détention et la torture de ce Canadien juif, et maintenant palestinien, démontrent que l'État d’Israël et ses forces ne respectent aucune règle de droit et fonctionnent comme une dictature sur le peuple palestinien occupé. Ni le droit international, ni la loi israélienne ni même la loi juive ne sont pas respectées par les célèbres forces militaires Tzahal qui poursuivent les assassinats ciblés de Palestiniens manifestants à la frontière de Gaza et permettent aux colons sionistes de tuer leurs voisins palestinien-nes en toute impunité.

 Pour contacter le Dr Abraham Weizfeld PhD;
       +970 569 538 169 [WhatsUp]


Monday, April 8, 2019

I have something to say in respect to Miriam Emesberg

 By Hannah Toff

I have something to say in respect to Miriam Emesberg.
I disagree with her on the notion that masculinism ought to replace feminism.
Egalitarianism ought to replace feminism. First I give context to what I am referring to:
I hold no ill will towards masculinists like Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Miriam Emesberg. Although I find Miriam Emesberg to be a bit extreme in her masculinism. I too oppose feminism, and I do my best to convince Classical feminists to switch over to egalitarianism. Miriam Emesberg is correct on her historical analysis concerning how historically revisionist and eurocentric the entire feminist line truly is. Those who reject how eurocentric and historically revisionist the femenist claims are need to read White Women's Rights by Louise Michele Newman and pay close attention to the videos by Citalli. Citalli used to be one of the primary spokeswomen of the Mexica Movement. What is funny to me is that Miriam Emesberg is an Atheist who finds Modernism to be a eurocentric assimilationist attack on Torah Culture, and it is. However the terms techno-Patriarchy to describe masculinism and techno-Matriarchy to describe feminism could be confusing to those who do not understand that she is using the term techno to describe technological, she is pushing a theological position. The standard in the "Modern World" not referring to "Modernism" should be egalitarianism, masculinism should be a right for the Jewish Orthodox but not as standard enforced all Non-Orthodox Jewry. I am aware that that genuine masculinism does not strip women of rights, I understand that it merely gives Women different rights than the rights of Men. Miriam seems to forget that many Women are just like her, having a solid need to be a house wife. But She forgets that there are also a lot of Women like me that would rather have identical rights to Men, and even Men who have a need to have the same rights that house wives have. I don't make the historical revisionist claims that Women have always been oppressed by Men, but this still happened as Miriam pointed out in both Europe and China. Black feminism was necessary because for a time Black Men emulated the White system of Male Chauvinism, and to me that is where Classical feminism came from, and it is not necessary any more, Black Men have it much worse than Black Women and only the most disconnected fail to see that, all a Black Man has to do is smile and he gets accused of rape. 
But if we are to free the Diaspora from eurocentricity then we need an egalitarian standard that allows traditionalist women to promote masculinism is a social context while living under the overarching system of egalitarianism. Male Chauvinism has polluted Patriarchy in every way it can. Fighting this pollution requires flexibility. I am not sure if I have made clear that I am Jewish Conservative, I am not Orthodox. Maybe I did not make clear that I reject Jewish Conservative conversions, all Jewish
conversions must be Orthodox if they are to be authentic. So this means I would fight any and all attempts at taking away the traditional system away from Orthodox Jewry, but I am to independent to be Orthodox and Miriam is an Atheist as traditional as she is the Orthodox would never except her atheist stances in fact they will be much more understanding to abraham Weizfeld's Agnostic point of view and for the most part they are. It is never a surprise to me that Jewish Agnostics like abraham Weizfeld are always more observant than Jewish Atheists like Miriam Emesberg, what is perplexing to me is how someone like Miriam Emesberg can be so deep into archaic traditions, at least it makes sense why Comrade Net believes in those archaic traditions Net is mystically minded not scientific.
Ironically Comrade Net seems more respectful towards scientific points of view and he so respectful to scientists that they tend to be respectful towards his mystical points of view. It is funny to me because actually I do understand Comrade Net's esoteric mystical stances they very material and non-idealist, it hurts to me that Net can understand science better than Miriam can.  
I stand by my stance on egalitarianism over masculinism.
Overarching egalitarianism would respect a Community's masculinism.
Overarching masculinism would never respect a Community's egalitarianism.
I would say to Miriam Emesberg my Comrade and political big Sister, you are good at history but you need to think more scientific.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Torah Culture and Rejection of April Fool's Day

By Miriam Emesberg

April Fool's Day is a hollow day, it is not ceremonial and it holds no use. April Fool's Day is a day that should be rejected by those Jewish and non-Jewish alike. On my trip to the office I was spray painted by a passerby who yelled "April Fools Day" and I think it is the duty of the Jewish People to stand up and be the Joy Killers in this Society. We must end the emphasis on the repulsive and ugly colonialist traditions.  Dona Newman gave me new clothes to wear and that is very kind of her but that was my favorite shirt. Anyway I need to write about what happened to us Friday.
March 29, 2019 everything was nice, Isaiah P. Kamatstein accompanied me to the office.
We met up with Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua and Dona Newman.
We went to the Jamba Juice and we sat on a bench discussing some basic plans, within these plans is how to safely get Daniel Miller here in a way that is not to rough for him or us.
We are also coming up with plans to remove the ban that the Department of Homeland Security has against Dr. Weizfeld. Comrade Net and Dona both in great detail explained some plans.
Isaiah P. Kamatstein had invited us to his Wedding, his boyfriend proposed to him on Thursday March 28 and Isaiah had said yes. Everything that day was perfect, I was happy.
But then came Jared Eighty-Eight, a Neo-Nazi Terrorist who has connections to the Phoenix Police. He came right up to us and he said "I'm going to fucking kill you ugly Jews." then he said "Did you get the letters from my friends Dona?", and no, I don't know what Jared Eighty-Eight's real name is.
We were in a public place so Jared Eighty-Eight could not make good on his threats.
I am very familiar with Jared Eighty-Eight and his Whore Bunny Leistung.
Just to be clear I don't know Bunny Leistung's real name. 
But I do know that Bunny Leistung is a feminist.
I am sick of the eurocentric historical revisions of history that claim that Patriarchy is harmful to Women. I am fed up with the notion that Women like myself must be transphobic if we except that gender roles are organic. 

Bunny Leistung is not a deviation from feminism, the fact that she is a White Supremacist shows that she represents feminism whereas anti-racists can never represent feminism. 

The Old World is Africa, Asia and Europe.
The Old World was kept in tact by the organic Patriarchy that organically placed Women in the role of ruler of the House and Men as head to Women.
Within the organic system of Patriarchy there are both Patriarchs and Matriarchs.
Within the artificial system of Matriarchy, Men are only sperm donors.   

Historical revisionists try to make the claim that Sexual Equality was practiced under Matriarchy.
Sexual Equality is Egalitarian not Matriarchy, Sexual Equality was practiced under Egalitarianism.
In truth Egalitarianism was practiced in the New World not the Old World. 

The New World is Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas.  
The system of Egalitarianism was prevalent in the Americas. 
In the Americas the system of Egalitarianism was seen as offensive to the Male Chauvinistic Europe.
Europe became more set apart from both Africa and Asia.
But of course, China would suffer from parallel problems seen because of its Emperor system.
It was primitive Totalitarianism that brought Male Chauvinism to China.
But in the case of Europe, it was a failed attempt at Egalitarianism that paved the way for Male Chauvinism. Feminism is techno-
Matriarchy, although eurocentric revisions of history would make this seem untrue, it is still none the less true to say that Feminism is techno-Matriarchy and that an attempt at techno-Patriarchy should be made. The greatest victims of feminism are not Men, the greatest victims of feminism are Women like myself. I explained in my previous article on this blog that my goal is revenge. 

Masculinism as the cure to Feminism and Male Chauvinism.
If I could give birth then I would not be politically active, I would even be telling both Dona Newman and Hannah Toff to find husbands and stop giving into assimilation by taking up Men's work. Masculinism is techno-Patriarchy and we should attempt to bring it into practice. 
Masculinism is the cure to both feminism and Male Chauvinism. But sadly Male Chauvinism and misogyny get deliberately mislabeled as hyper Masculinity and Men's Liberation, and everyone is to cowardly to call this a sexist psychological trick, even though that is what this is.
It was Bunny Leistung who led the Women's Power and Prostitution March in Glendale, Arizona last November, if anyone is wondering why the News Cameras shunned the event, because it must never be known that feminism is tied in to White Supremacy and Female Exploitation, or more accurately it must never be remembered that feminism in origin is part of white Supremacy.   
Don't forget the pact between the KKK, Prohibition, and Women's Liberation in the 1920s.
Feminism is liberal and reactionary. 

April Fools Day is actually a holiday for an April Fool.

That is why April Fools Day is actually April Fool's Day.
The holiday for any given April Fool is a stupid tradition of the First World Nation-States.
The April Fool's Day is contrary to the Torah Culture.
The Torah Culture is about welcoming the stranger.
The Torah Culture is about probation not slavery.
The Torah Culture is about Justice and Peace.
Torah Culture must reject the sickness of the April Fool's Day.
No one should have to worry about getting spray painted on the way to work.
No one should have to worry about getting pranked randomly.
Torah Culture is at odds with the April Fool's Day.