Bundist Movement

Bundist Movement
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Revolution for the UK

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland need a Revolution.  
While peaceful protests happens and achieves nothing the elite have and/ or are planning the following;

1.Abolition of Workers Rights,
2.Abolition of Disabled Persons Rights
3.Abolition of public sector right to strike (in bill form at present for the vote that will pass it)
4.Abolition of right to peaceful protests (in bill form right now waiting for the vote and it will pass)
5.Abolition of Human Rights
6.Abolition of our EU Membership
7.Retrospective Laws aka we are above the Courts and Law, these are emergency Laws to override British, European and International Court decisions.
8.Abolition of private property rights thru allowing Fracking under our homes without our consent.
9.Introduction of a Stalinist Polish Bedroom Tax but made more brutal than the 1953-1961 Polish Bedroom Tax was.
10.Genocide of 44,000-80,000 Disabled people depending on the source, thats no less than 10 daily 73 weekly, 21,200 yearly. For the last 3 and half years.
11. Starvation and Forced Labour/ Slave Labour in form of Zero Hours and Workfare that contribute some 7million people to the official unemployment list.
12. Mass use of food banks.
13. Privatisation of the NHS and people being left with no medical help and as such no welfare and proof of sickness due to inability to afford medical appointments, tests and costs.
14. So-called Snoopers Charter that affectively ends privacy of Telecommunication and Cyber Communications, with Government having the right to spy on our Telephone communications and our Internet search history. This has all Party support among the leaders in the name of defense and security against ISIS/ISIL and al Qaeda extremists in Syria and Iraq who are British in origin. This in essence, is like a watered down version of the Enabling Act March 1933 in Germany giving Hitler Dictatorship powers for a 4 year term, this policy will be for a 2 year duration.
15. Not happy with harming humans they exploit Animal Rights and kill off Badgers that have no TB, kill off Foxes thru Hunting (ignoring the laws), taking our first wild beaver out of British wildlife into zoo's this creature has not been wild here for 4-500 years.

We can go on and on but these are just a few of the major problems, that wont be over turned by Labour or pacifism. Is this alone not justified reason to attack out, not mindlessly, but against the elite and political millionaire class? They have more justification than the Internationale in Spain against Franco had, they have equal rights to the Jewish Bund of 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Dictator Cameron and his ever obvious Tyrannical Dictatorship must, come, to an end. Any means necessary must be deployed to over rule him, the great British working class it is your duty to stand up and fight for your nation and future and for your people. Direct Defensive Action is the policy most desired.