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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Bundist Movement stands with President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela

By Uri Adiah

The Bundist Movement is against all Imperialist efforts to overthrow the democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

We stand with the Patriot Socialists of the People Social Freedom Movement headed by Abdl Irshad and Matthew Stevon who protect the legacy of Hugo Chavez. We stand with the Maoist Rebel News and endorse all of Jason Unruhe's journalist coverage of Venezuela.
The Americanists have found allies with the Globalist centralized EU parliament that now urges its member states to recognize the Oligarchy of Guaido in place of the People's democratic rule of Venezuela. The European Parliament has voted against the will of the Venezuelan people because Capitalism is loosing ground in the eyes of many Third World Countries because of the successful popularity that Democracy is having in South America over that of First World Imperialist proxy Oligarchies. The Americanists have tried to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro three times. This time the Americanists in alliance with the Globalists attempt to use a perversion of the Constitution to force the democratically elected President from office. The Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement demands that the United Nations threat this as a hostile action of economic terrorism against the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people to uphold the Democracy they voted for. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Auto-determination instead of Self-determination

Alongside ethnic identity we have what is called a Nation. I would refer to the various Jewish Communities around the World as a Nation. This is how we officially define the parameters of the subject. This is my duty as the Councilwoman of Education, we are in the process of writing a Manifesto that shall be the standard for Bundism.
The Jewish Nation is comprised of various ethnic groups that are predominately Jewish. There is the Ashkenazi ethnic group these are the ones who started Yiddish, which I argue is the Universal Jewish language. There is the Sephardi ethnic group, they started Ladino otherwise known as Judeo-Spanish or Judesmo, which is a wonderful language yet I hesitate to call it universally the Jewish language. There is the Mizrahi ethnic group, they started Judeo-Arabic which is my favorite Jewish language, yet I would not argue that it can be justified as the Universal Jewish language. There are other ethnic groups that are predominately Jewish, I have merely mentioned the most commonly known ethnic groups that are predominately Jewish. There is no Jewish race, nor is there a Jewish ethnicity. But there is a Jewish Nation based on both culture and religion. Zionism is largely dependent on fictions, misnomers, and outright lies. I am a Jewish Atheist, I am very nonobservant, but I still maintain my religion. The only reason why it may seem strange to anyone that I maintain my religion in spite of nonobservance to Judaism is because most fail to grasp what religion actually is. Although I am not religiously observant, I still have my religion. Although I am an Atheist, I reject Atheism and I still maintain Judaism. I have made no contradiction in my statements. I refrain from any major activities during Shabbos, I follow several basic Jewish customs, I despise most Modern customs, assimilation into the Man made systems of Modernism I find most abhorrent. Many say that I should abandon the Man made system of Judaism in favor of the Man made system of Modernism, I respond to that by saying "Judaism emerged organically among Men, Modernism is the product of eurocentric chauvinism and I will not conform" and I really do say this a lot. The following of Jewish customs comes rather natural to me, but I don't observe any Holidays except for Passover because it means Liberation and Chanukah because it means revolting against assimilation. I would live happily as a Jewish Housewife had I not been raped by a Neo-Nazi and ever since being raped I am unable to have Children, it may be a surprise to learn that Anti-Jewish sentiment is rather common in Arizona. Ever since I was raped, I have been unable to have any Children. I don't have any friends except for one, she is Jewish and I will not be giving out her name. Fredrick Danson died of the A.I.D.S virus in 2010, he meant a lot to me. Fred was my first real teacher. Fred introduced me to Net shortly before he died. I am one of the few people who actually has a copy of his Thesis. Net has a copy of Fred's Thesis and his Manifesto. I was not an Atheist in those days, but as a Jewish Woman I was rather nonobservant, he is the reason why I rejected the word Secular to describe myself. I would have never embraced the notion of Jewish Nationality if it had not been for Fred. I am Ashkenazi but my Mother and Father hated Yiddish and they taught me Ladino instead, I'm learning Yiddish from Dona Newman. Ashkenazi self hate is not unheard of. Ashkenazim are often made to feel dirty for speaking Yiddish, this is despite the fact that Yiddish carries more Talmudic-Aramaic than Ladino or Judeo-Arabic.
My name is Miriam Emesberg, I have been asked to give out my background to those who read this Blog. I will do this, however I am going to first write something about this blog. This Blog is meant to as Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua has repetitively stated "Speak Truth to Power and Promote Collective Power instead of powerlessness" this Blog is the Blog of Dona Newman, but it is mostly managed by Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua. Every two to three weeks Dona Newman changes the password, and whenever Dona so sees fit she discloses to Net whatever the current password is. Our security is rather tight. My father was actually half Ashkenazi and half Sephardi, the Sephardi was on his mother's side. My mother was Ashkenazi on both sides of her family. My father taught Ladino to my mother, they shared a hatred of Yiddish that they never explained to me. I was raised Orthodox Jewish, and I was raised very Liberal and very Post-Zionist. After six trips to the Holy Land I decided I was Anti-Zionist. After seeing the Ultra-Orthodox get beat up by the Israeli Police I denounced Zionism. Before I truly get into all of this for you readers, I would prefer it if you all knew that just like the rest of them Bundists who write for this Blog, I only recognize Orthodox conversions to Judaism as legitimate too. When I turned 18, I moved to a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood that has since been run out of Arizona. No one helped me defend all the scared Jewish Ultra-Orthodox except for Fredrick Danson and his best friend Herbert Dillon. I became a political student of Fred's and he taught me about the history of the Jewish Labour Bund. No one, not even Fred himself had realized that he had caught the A.I.D.S virus, he must have been in the early stage of it when I had met him, he was rather fit then, and he was a fast person, able to catch the Bus just as you thought he could not possibly catch up. He lived off the grid and he made it his life mission to teach seeking minds like myself to be as he called it Urban Scholars. When we learned that he was dying in 2009 he spoke of his favorite students, I would get rather jealous of Net and Josh as they would be mentioned. I never got to meet Josh but I met Net. That was very unexpected he was a few years younger than me, cocky, charming, socially out of place, blunt, womanizing yet the first person I would say is a living threat to rapists and those who would do harm to Women and ironically so unaware of his own above average intelligence. A few weeks after Fred died I was walking down the Street and I saw on the other side of the Street a familiar face, it was one of the Neo-Nazis that helped to run the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox out of the neighborhood that I wanted to settle in. I turned my face away hoping he would not see me, he jay walked across the Street came at me and raped me, a few onlookers came and they just laughed and yelled "Fuck up that Jewess" as this happened six big black guys came and they beat him up, it turns out Net had told them to watch over me that day. I was angry with Net for a year after that, but the truth is I would be dead had Net not been so connected, my rescuers were murdered a few days later, it turns out that my Neo-Nazi attacker was also a Cop. The death of Fred, not being able to have Children, seeing most of World Jewry collectively oppose Zionism, yet we remain unheard, this is why I am an Atheist, I reject any notion of a Deity. But I reject the philosophy of Atheism, it is unnecessary for there to be a Philosophy for being an Atheist when all being Atheist requires is rejection of divinity. I reunited with Net in 2014, I have realized that because I reject any notion of divinity that revenge is what I wish to dedicate my entire life to, this is the only logical response for me, I will make sure that all those Jewish and all those Non-Jewish become educated on who we really are. We will end all Nazis, Zionists, Americanists, and all assimilation forced on us. 
I need to point out the primary characteristics of Nationality. Nationality is Culture fueled by a social glue that constitutes Peoplehood. Some Nations are based on Culture and ethnicity, some are based on Culture and religiosity. I'm going to be quoting Fredrick Danson, he defined religiosity in correct terms and that is very rare, I start by quoting the very start of Chapter 1:

To understand religiosity we must first understand Orientation. Orientation describes an enduring pattern of behavioral—emotional, cooperative, social, or some combination of these—to someone’s personal identity, there are essentially two kinds of Orientation, Religious Orientation and Sexual Orientation. Today these are both highly threatened by Conformity pushers. Orientation also refers to a person's sense of "personal and social identity, something highly disregarded in Secularism.

Religious Orientation describes an enduring pattern of —emotional fixed stances, ethics, cultural state of mind or some combination of these. Religious lifestyle relates to the human soul and the traditional lessons passed from parent to child or taken up by the individual's compelled pull to a set of creeds and codes. Religion differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect religious Orientation describes a state of being known sometimes as Religiosity no scientific explanation for religiosity is known. Sexual Orientation describes an enduring pattern of attraction—emotional, romantic, sexual, or some combination of these—to the opposite sex, the same sex, both, or neither, and the genders that accompany them. By the convention of organized researchers, these attractions are subsumed under heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality. No simple, single cause for sexual orientation has been conclusively demonstrated and it remains an enigma. 

That is the starting point, I'm going to skip ahead to what Fredrick Danson had written about concerning his own religiosity, this is still part of what he wrote in Chapter 1 of his Thesis:

Secularists seek a world of justified greed while pretending to be moralistic. That is why there are no secular Christians or secular Jews there are only nonobservant Christians and nonobservant Jews.

Atheist Christians exist and Agnostic Christians exist.
I am an Atheist Christian.
Chris Hedges is openly an Agnostic Christian.
But is there a such concept as Christianity Nationality? No!
Byzantine Catholic Nationality on the other hand exists and so does Armenian Nationality. 

Getting back to religiosity; religion is the glue of society. Religion is the respect for what is sacred. In essence religion is a state of being and in particular a state of life bound by monastic vows. 


I am going to skip even further ahead this is still part of Chapter 1:

The need to defend religion is a growing need today as the Secularists with all their homophobic neoliberal Capitalism and Darwinism bring us into collective suicide and cultural indifference.

Noam Chomsky is an Atheist Jew who is full of Jewishness and Jewishness is the orientation of any Jew. Jewishness is Jewish religiosity and Jewish religiosity is the intense drive towards Social Justice this type of drive can only be worn by a Jewish person. Sure anyone can be driven by a need for Social Justice but this drive for Social Justice that is intertwined with the Jewish intellectual tradition is called Jewishness and it's something only a Jew can have. Jewishness is the religiosity of a Jew. However religiosity is not the same thing as religious observance. Anyone who is religiously observant yet lacks religiosity is by definition a religious hypocrite. Anyone who has religiosity yet lacks religious observance is simply nonobservant. Religiosity bleeds through nonobservant Christians as well as nonobservant Jews. The religiosity of a Christian is called stewardship. 

I am an Atheist Christian and rather nonobservant I don't believe in God or Heaven or Hell. But I believe that Jesus died for my sins, Jesus was Amadou Diallo who died for me, crucified by the New York City Police Department. The Lynching of Black People was Jesus and the crucifixion by the Ku Klux Klan. The cultural genocide of Native Americans and the robbing of their religion to satisfy some type of Vatican Spanish imperialism and White Anglo Saxon Protestant crusade was a crucifixion of Jesus and this means that heretics of my religion were responsible for crucifying Jesus. The persecution of Muslims in America because of the destruction of the World Trade Center that has led to this Terror-War on Religion is a crucifixion and the Christian humanists are behind it from what I see joined of course by Zionism and Capitalism, this is a crucifixion of Jesus. This is happening today and this popularizing of Islamophobia is a crucifixion of Jesus make no mistake the Oil that America is taking from Iraq is the blood and water that flows from the side of Jesus that was made by the spear that has stabbed him. Jesus dies for my sins everyday and so I must follow him. I must love my neighbor as my self because that is stewardship and stewardship is Christian religiosity. There is no religion without religiosity and religiosity is a matter of orientation.

There is a contradiction in Nationalist Self-determination, this is a problem that is based on the Hegelian Nation-State. When any Nation is fused with The State the other Nations within The State are robbed of Self-determination. The solution is Auto-determination which is what was being practiced by the Black Panther Party, surely the readers of this Blog already know that the Panthers had been implementing National-Cultural Autonomy. The Panthers did this with Fred Hampton's Rainbow Coalition. I need to quote from Fredrick Danson's Thesis this is taken from chapter 2:

There is no White Nation, yet there is a Black Nation.

Blacks are distinguished from Africans because they are the descendants of the Slaves brought to Europe and the Americas by Colonialists, Black Nationality developed over time going from slavery to the oppression of Jim Crow and Jane Crow laws then to the struggle for liberation that still is ongoing, this has brought about a very interesting Culture. This is how Black is distinguished from African, African Americans can trace their origins to a particular place on the continent of Africa where as Black Americans can not. So this means that Black is a description for those who have the ancestry coming from the African slave trades. White however is just the term that describes eurocentricity, this is why both myself and Herbert identify as European not as White. Those who identify as White identify with eurocentricity whether they realize this or not. Anyone who is Black is born into that Nation, anyone who is White is doing so because of eurocentric Schooling, I denounce Whiteness, I reject White guilt as eurocentric guilt and I denounce White supremacy as eurocentric Racial supremacy and I hope that before I die to do all I can to make reparations to all who have suffered under the Colonialism of The White Lie.

I want to also say that I share with Isaiah P. Kamatstein the need to never refer to myself as a Marxist-Leninist, and besides what the further developing of Bundist theory equates to is Pantherism not Marxism-Leninism, besides if we admit to Marxism-Leninism we are actually admitting to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and no Marxist-Leninist-Maoist has the capacity to except that after the defeat of Americanism we can ensure Permanent Revolution. And make no mistake about any of this, least we get destroyed by outdated dogmas for insane sectarian reasons that are unscientific. We the Jewish Socialist Revolutionaries must be Third Worldist yet admit to the validity of Permanent Revolution.

By Miriam Emesberg.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

This is the Last Year of the Second Decade

This is the Last Year of the Second Decade of this Century.
I can remember when we were all waiting for the Year 2000, then came the 2000 New Year, it was a New Century and a new Millennium and everyone was relieved that the Y2K bug was just a panic that was popularized by fearmongering. I can still recall that after the 2010 New Year how many people I knew still kept referring to our times as the 2000s, then I would have to correct them all by informing them it was now officially the 2010s. Now we have reached the last year of the 2010s.
This is the Last Year of the Second Decade of this Century.

We all know that Americanism is the New World Order.
We all know that there has never been a pure America.
We all know that we are being set up with the Loyalty Oaths that now have to be taken upon if anyone wants to have any type of Government job.
We all know that there is a Global Conspiracy, and that this conspiracy is none other than a Capitalist Conspiracy.
We must force the Christian Supremacist and Secular Humanist forces into submission, if we do not do this it will be the end of the Jewish People.
Zionism is the proxy of Americanism and the scapegoat insurance America needs to blame someone.
I'm both Jewish and Black, I know that our first Comrades outside of Jewish Proletariat will be the Black Proletariat.
I am the Councilman of Committees and I will be heard on this matter, I was given my office because of my Blackness and my Sexual Orientation and I don't consider this a bad thing at all.

I am going to mark my declaration for this year right now.
I am proud to be part of Antifa, I am fully aware of how much infiltration has happened to Antifa.
I support Hannah Toff, Uri Adiah, and Marvin Eliyahu in their decisions to bring Bundism to a more logical Marxist-Leninist theory; BUT I'M NEVER GOING TO BE A MARXIST-LENINIST MYSELF, AND I WILL NEVER CALL BUNDISM THE JEWISH MARXISM-LENINISM.
Marxism-Leninism is more correct than Anarchism and Trotskyism, we all know this; AT THE SAME TIME ANARCHISM AND TROTSKYISM CAN AT TIMES BE FOUND CORRECT OVER THE MISTAKES OF MARXISM-LENINISM.

From the rightfully elected Councilman of Committees: Isaiah P. Kamatstein.