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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

‘Criminal Provocation’ at Silwan


By Dr abraham Weizfeld PhD

(Beginning with notes written the day of the event)

         While maintaining a presence with a Palestinian friend, Myassar Atyani, on her land next to the Zionist colony of Eli, otherwise known in Arabic as the region of BirAli, we were confronted by the soldiers from COGAT, the colony security and the Israel police who came at first to observe the plowing underway.

      The COGAT military claimed to be protecting Myassar from the colony fanatics who had come prepared to throw stones.
        The soldiers came onto Myassar’s land surrounding us three internationals from New York, France and Canada. The latter one being me fitted with a Jewish Agency A1 visa for three years. One international from France escaped down the mountain. The soldiers first demanded that my camera be closed and then demanded its confiscation, as well as to turn over my passport. I refused to give up my passport and my camera was taken by force.

I followed the soldiers up to the colony demanding the return of the video camera.
At the colony road the soldiers demanded my passport again and I produced it and the passport was confiscated. I let them know that the Canada Embassy would object if it was not returned. After being photographed, my passport was returned. I still refused to leave until my camera and that of the other international from France were returned. After 2-3 hours the camera was returned with the memory wiped. A photo was taken of the ‘Tanweer’ Palestinian Cultural Enlightenment Forum vest that I wore. During the detention of ~4 hours we were variously told we were arrested for “criminal provocation” and then that we were not and then released but charged anyways.

   We were shown a paper declaring the land of Myassar to be a closed military zone. I asked if this was new order and the COGAT soldiers said it was not.

                                      This was a day of planting to commemorate the international martyrs of Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurdell and Vittorio Arrigoni.  [end]

  The COGAT is the military administration of the West Bank under the  
authority of the Zionist State of Israel. Coordination of Government Activities in
the Territories  < http://www.cogat.mod.gov.il/en  >. That is to say, the bureaucratic name for the Occupation of 1967. The 1967 Occupation of the Gaza Strip was ended previously. Myassar had a 5-day permit from COGAT to work her land but it was revoked that day on the pretext that the internationals were present, as if she could not invite such solidarity activists to help protect her from the settlers.

             Rachel Corrie was crushed to death in Rafah, Gaza in 2003 during the second Intifada, Tom Hurdell was shot in the head by a Druze Arab minority soldiers in Rafah as well. Previously he worked as a volunteer with the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) in the Balata refugee camp, Nablus, West Bank with me in 2003 for two weeks. When he told me he was going to Rafah afterwards, I remarked that it was dangerous and he said, “I know”.

During our detention the soldiers of COGAT were present in addition to the regular soldiers of the area, many of whom were also settlers, as well as the settler security and the settlers themselves.. all with M-16 automatic rifles.
So at first I sought to make the best of a poor situation and spoke in Yiddish to first the settlers, and then the soldiers, none of whom could speak Yiddish. So I had to switch to English and French, since two of the soldiers were actually French citizens and immigrants. The settlers would laugh at me initially when I was speaking and then after some reflection produced some ‘kahawah’ coffee which they offered to the soldiers and one settler even gave one mini-cup to a soldier to bring to me which I refused. The two other internationals were not offered any. My gesture of refusal took them aback and so they became curious. I was really pissed off and also refused the water bottle they offered and refused to sit as well.
Then the debate began; their intention was to convince us of the righteousness of their actions in defense of the poor soldiers who were being attacked. Needless to say, the attempt to point out that many more Palestinians were being killed did not make an impression. One 18-year-old soldier did not even know about General Sharon’s massacre of 3,000 in the Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra & Shatila in 1982, thanks to Israel’s educational system.
In response to my speaking Yiddish the onus was on the soldiers to claim a superior Jewish identity position and so accused Yiddish of being Hitler’s language. To which I could have responded that it was rather the language of the Ashkenazi Jewish Nation from which they were mostly derived as well as the language of Einstein and Freud but I chose to mention that their language of Hebrew was actually by origin from Mesopotamia/Iraq. Since they considered themselves the reincarnation of the Israelites I also mentioned that the original Israelite language was Aramaic and not Hebrew. This did leave an impression, so we moved on to other matters.
Then the big question, which People did I support? Obviously both but that had not occurred to the COGAT officer in the first place. So we moved on and I raised the matter of how the cousin of Ahed Tamimi was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and had his skull crushed on the side of his head, nearly killing him. That was merely a mistake, he said. The case of the ‘settler’ (David) from the Yitzhar who I filmed shooting out of the back of his car during a protest in Hawarah last year and killing a young man Motaz, was not granted sufficient time to finish.
Speaking generally the COGAT officer asserted he was present to protect Myassar from the ‘settlers’ who had come to throw stones at her for daring to plow her land. I was supposed to congratulate him but I pointed out that we were there to protect her considering that many of the soldiers were also ‘settlers’. One soldier even went to hug a ‘settler’ to impress us with their solidarity. The COGAT officer claimed it was his mission to promote coexistence between the ‘settlers’ and the Palestinians. A noble mission no doubt but I asked him then why the Zionist settlements were placed next to the Palestinian villages in the first place and on the private Palestinian lands, without their agreement and without payment, otherwise known as theft. No answer.
Taking the initiative I asked the COGAT officer how is it that the supposed ‘Jewish State’ is supporting the Christian supremacist President Trump of the USA who are seeking to expel or kill the Jewish-Americans, who are actually more numerous than the Jewish Israelis. That, he said, did not matter. I could have argued that if the majority of Jewish people living in the USA do not matter to his State then why should the Jewish north Americans care about his State.

After three hours of debate and discussion and having received our passports back, I took a drink from the water bottle in the hot Palestine spring of 29° C that day. A settler woman came around to bring juice for the soldiers and I got some as well. Next came ice-cream for the soldiers and the COGAT 18-year old carrying two plastic dishes could not resolve what to do with them and so I liberated one from his dilemma. While waiting for the camera to return as promised, another soldier appeared to tell Lisa and me about how he was a case of an abused child and had turned into a bad person who does bad things. This was either a threat or a confession but we chose to take it as a therapy session and sought to convince him that his approach indicated that he was capable of good things as well. He insisted that the next day he could do bad things and discounted any other way of life.
Another soldier insisted that we should be afraid of him. Both Marco and me asked him why we should be afraid of him and he replied that he had a gun. Looking at me he then flipped the safety off and seemed to ask for a reply. I explained that he could not shoot me because he would be arrested if he shot me. I pointed out that the soldier Elor Azaria was presently in prison for having killed a Palestinian Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, who was already dying while lying on the pavement. No answer and no shooting either. 
 Then the heavy argument was produced by the COGAT officer who let us know he knew one Surah from the Koran that made reference to the killing of a ‘Jew’ hiding behind a tree. This was supposed to be a proof of the genocidal intention of all Islamic-minded people despite the favorable references to Judaism elsewhere in the Koran. He allowed me though to reply that each religion has such references and the one to be found in Judaism is in Joshua Chapter 6, verses 1-27 where Joshua is supposed to have carried the genocidal massacre of Jericho. Since his initial objection was to the Koran, it fell into a discussion of the HAMAS government in the Gaza which incidentally I informed him had won the election of 2006 in the first democratic Arab election. Of course the HAMAS Antisemitic Charter of 1988 was brought up but not the new Charter which removed all references to Jewish people per se. The previous reference to ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ was also removed. Currently of course HAMAS called for the mutual recognition of the State of Palestine and the State of Israel in the op-eds of The Washington Post and The New York Times.. but those things he had not heard of. He promised to look it up on the Internet but I wonder if he actually will.
A young settler came walking by looking curious wearing ‘tsitis’, which is a religious prayer device with strings at the corners usually worn as an undershirt. He did not speak Yiddish either but I pointed out to him that while he was wearing his ‘tsitis’ I was wearing a ‘talis’ which is the prayer shawl that is worn in synagogues but in the form of the red Palestinian kufiya around my neck. The heavy-set ‘settler’ chuckled at this idea and I did point out that the pattern around the sides was the same as that in black around the traditional Jewish prayer ‘talis’ that he had not noticed before.
Although the cameras were initially confiscated by the military and handed over to the police, they were returned by the Eli ‘settler’ security force but with the memories wiped. For some reason the soldiers were not proud enough to have their images captured and for the sake of security did not want the international public to see what their game was all about.

           Finally we left with our stuff and the two COGAT soldiers actually remained to protect us from any settlers who may have considered throwing stones at us. Of course Palestinian teenagers ‘shabab’ who throw stones to keep the soldiers out of their villages can be shot with rubber bullets or live fire or arrested and sentenced for up to ten years in detention but the ‘settlers’ just get a warning.

                Walking down the mountain to our friends waiting for us at the bottom was
                     a new form of exercise for one who is used to sitting at the computer
                        and doing Yoga in the morning but a welcome escape nonetheless.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Aims of the Jewish Bund – First Draft

By Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua 

We aim to show others how to identify when an agent or informant is attempting to destabilize a grassroots organization. The reason why it seems impossible to overcome Capitalism is not the fault of Socialism. The reason also has nothing to do with religious tradition. The reason has much to to do with COINTELPRO.
COINTELPRO (an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) is believed to no longer be in operation, yet there is just to much evidence to the contrary. With the revelations of Edward Snowden and the multitude of declassified information as well as leaked information, it is all to clear that COINTELPRO still runs in operation, and even to a more high tech manner. And on this note I should clarify reason why Bundists are not always quick to embrace every single Conspiracy Theory. It is not because we are unaware of conspiracies. The reasoning is that most Conspiracy Theories are manufactured as part of the operation of COINTELPRO. Now, to put this subject in a context of perfect clarity, let me explain that it is unlikely that COINTELPRO is still called COINTELPRO.
The agencies that perpetuate COINTELPRO operations probably give different code names to such actions involving infiltration, provocateuring, covert sabotage and disinformation campaigns.
The reason why we Bundists refer to any such operations as COINTELPRO is because this is the most appropriate description for the types of operations that fit such categories. We know now for certain as matters of fact that COINTELPRO-like operations are carried out to a much grander extent than was ever remotely possible in the 1960s and 1970s. 

We aim to replace the Chabad Outreach with our own Jewish Outreach
Chabad is a problem, there can be no doubt about this. But they do get one thing correct, and that is outreach. Yet Chabad never cuts off Zionists who seek to give Judaism a cure as if being Jewish was some kind of infection. Chabad never cut off Jewry who get mixed up in Occidental Secularists, they do not rebuke them when they have tainted themselves in the scandals of Hollywood these Jewry never get reprimanded for getting involved with the vile Statist Governments of America and Israel. Chabad does not condemn Jewry who involve themselves with Capitalism even if these Jewry are involved with scandalous dirty businesses. Chabad does not condemn Jewry who prominent Jewry who endorse Americanism, Chabad has no concern as to whether or not any injustice has been carried out against the Native American Peoples.
The policies of the Bundist Movement are Orthodox in nature, and we need to keep it that way.
The Bundist Movement shall must establish a new Jewish Outreach that can replace Chabad Outreach. This is done by first instituting our own Jewish Outreach Centers and then by strangling all Zionist control over the Modern Orthodox Jewish Institutions. As for those who seek the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish way of life, we will direct them towards Neturei Karta.

We aim to ensure the rights of National-Cultural Autonomy
The highest aim for anyone who is genuine to the cause of Bundism is National-Cultural Autonomy. National-Cultural Autonomy is when Nations are self-governing living by their own laws recognized in a system of World affairs. National-Cultural Autonomy is when Nations collectively follow their own laws laws, having their collective rights safeguarded not being subjected to a status quo dictated by Statehood. National-Cultural Autonomy is very much opposed to Nationalism as a result. 

We aim to start the Jewish Inter-National Bund
The original goal of Bundist Movement was to restore the old Jewish Labour Bund and make it a worldwide political answer to problems that the Jewish People are forced to deal with. This was during the time when myself, Dona Newman and Dr. abraham Weizfeld first started the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement. We now see that this was underdeveloped thinking, we are now drawing up plans for something much more advanced, the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement has now concluded that our collective goal is the establishment of the Jewish Inter-National Bund.
The Jewish Orthodox policies of the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement will shape the rules for this new Jewish Inter-National Bund. The Socialism of the Jewish Bundists will be the foundation for the Jewish economic and political theory and practice of this Jewish Inter-National Bund.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Popular World Court

By Marvin Eliyahu 

The League of Nations failed to solve the problems of the World.
Imperialists can not pass judgment on other Imperialists.
The Nuremberg trials was a breakthrough, yet it was still underachieving.
The United Nations was an improvement yet it has not solved the major World Crisis of Genocide, Human Right Abuses, nor World Hunger.
This is because Debt rules the policy of Globalism.
Globalism is a Capitalist method of stonewalling the poor.
The answer can only be found in Inter-Nationalism and World Federalism. And a Popular World Court must exist to hold Governments accountable. All Judges of the popular courts need to be civilian. Those holding government office should be banned from participating in popular courts, and all education needs to be made free and accessible in order to maintain direct democracy.

The purpose a Banks is simply to hold and store money, and for this reason Banks must never be allowed to print Money ever again. It is the duty of Public Treasuries to print Money, not Banks.

We need a Popular World Court System that is publicly controlled, and this needs to be cut off from all private and state interests. We need to institute Direct Democracy, and for this to even work we need public education that is more than just capable of merely resorting to the truth, we need a public education system that has truth as a mandatory function. But first, I will need to treat this as an American issue, the reason for this is a little something called HR 1776. Study HR 1776, there is a direct reason for the World economy's dependence on America's economy being healthy.
You will need to study this yourself, I will be writing something on HR 1776 in due time.

We may need to go back some time in the past, then we can just remember that in the United States of America President Franklin D. Roosevelt had managed to Nationalize the Federal Reserve with the Glass Steagall Banking Act of 1933, this is very important because Liberals actually think that nationalizing Private Banks fixes Capitalism. I ask everyone to recall that in 1999 President William Jefferson Clinton repealed the Glass Steagall Banking Act of 1933, that is how the Federal Reserve was re-privatized.
This shows us that Globalism only ends with the end of Americanism.
Americanism is inherently anti-Socialist, a lot of money is spent to keep you from looking into American Archives that anyone can find in a Public Library, and sometimes even on the Internet. 
And do not listen to fiscal conservatives who try to tell you that Socialism is the power of the New World Order. I can show how false that is, in a few sentences, keep reading.

Africa, Asia, and Europe together make up what we typically call the Old World. 

The Roman Empire was the Old World Order. 

The Americas and the Continent of Oceania together make up what we typically call the New World.

Americanism is New World Order. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My First Open Letter To The Catholic Churches on behalf of the Bundist Movement

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua

Let me start by making it clear that the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement recognizes the Catholic Churches, Eastern Orthodox Churches, & Oriental Orthodox Churches as authentic to the context of Christianity.


 I furthermore would say to the World Catholic Communities that I do not view the Crusades and the Inquisition as the fault of Catholic Doctrine. The fault of the Crusades and the Inquisition is a problem of illiteracy that unfortunately occurred for centuries, I have noted that many of you have made this statement, and I agree. However you need to become more public with this, your silence on these issues teaches your young people to not speak out. It is clear that education is a right, because without literacy cultural ignorance creates the conditions for genocide. We now have common enemies, it should not have taken common enemies for us to find coexistence, yet none the less we find common cause in this. You have Christian heretics to deal with, so too we have Jewish heretics to deal with.

Ummah is a collective term for all the World's Muslims.
Church is a collective term for all the World's Christians.
Israel is a collective term for all of World Jewry.

It is evident that a religious building in the context of Christianity
more correctly is referred to as a Parish. According to the Bible of Christianity "Church" is not a building. It is obvious that Christians shall have massive problems as long as a Parish can be confused with the word “Church”, we the Jewish People have a similar dilemma. The Jewish People already have massive problems because the word “Israel” is constantly confused for a Country.

The very word “Israel” is a collective term for World Jewry.
The most important texts in Judaism by far is the five books of Moses;
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy. Each one of the five books of Moses are divided into Parshahs. Parshah is a section of the five books of Moses used in Jewish liturgy during a single week. The weekly Parshah is chanted publicly by a designated reader in Jewish prayer services, starting with a partial reading on the afternoon of Shabbos, then again during the Monday and Thursday morning services, then ending with a full reading during the following Shabbos morning services. The references in Judaism to that of a Promised Land are of a symbolic nature. Even those who take the Jewish scriptures more literally always reference the Promised Land
in symbolic context. This is because the central theme in Judaism is that of a wandering refugees from Egypt who make a Religious Covenant with the Almighty Creator on a Mountain in the barren desert. According to the scriptures of Judaism the Kingdom of Israel was not ruled by Monarch-Kings but rather the Kingdom of Israel was lead by Theocratic-Kings who had to answer to the Prophets of the Almighty Creator. 

The memory of Chabad Lubavitch is not anything to be attacked, yet the result of what Menachem Mendel Schneerson left behind was a new Chabad.
As of now CHaBaD is not Jewish, furthermore Rebbe Schneerson was not the Messiah.

The Bundist Movement rejects Protestant Christian Restorationism in all its manifestations:
be it the Pentecostal, Baptist, Nondenominational, Evangelical Fundamentalist, Seventh Day Adventist, and especially both the Mormon-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Messianic Judaism/Jews for Jesus- as Messianic Judaism is slander and Mormonism is Americanism made into a Spiritual Creed.

I have proclaimed this two at of my in-Person forums over the last week, and I knew that I would be accused of sectarianism for this. I feel rather strongly that everyone should know that making any such claims of sectarianism upon me or the Jewish Bund for safeguarding Jewishness, would be no different than claiming someone to be a Sectarian for rejecting Fascism.

The Bundist Movement does not discriminate against Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, or Reconstructionalist Judaism as that is a matter for -Orthodox Jewry to settle as an internal problem.

 And so likewise the Bundist Movement does not discriminate against Original-Protestant Christians:
the Lutheran, Episcopalian, Calvinist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, the Quaker groups, or Anabaptist groups like the Mennonites as that is a matter for -Catholics to settle as an internal problem.

My name is Isaiah P. Kamatstein, and I will die to protect others.

Isaiah P. Kamatstein

I get requests in my emails, everyone wishes to know my background, this is the best you will get from me. I would much rather tell you why I became a Bundist.

The Story of my Mother.
My mother left her community at at age 15, she was of Ashkenazi background and she when through a phase, this was a time when she explored different religions. When she met my father he was part of a Modern Orthodox Jewish Community, they fell in love and moved to Arizona.
Shortly after they fell in love she was pregnant with me, then they moved to Arizona and got married in the main Courthouse of Phoenix Arizona three weeks before my birth. 

The Story of my Father.
On the matter of what my father's name was before he had it changed, this is of no concern.
My father was a Black Man from a Baptist Community, he hated everything about this Protestant Christian Community. He studied Judaism, he would later discover that Judaism does not require the Non-Jewish to become to Jewish. So he took up the Seven Laws of Noah, the Jewish mandate for those non-Jewish. The fact is he had changed his name to Shlomo Amnu Kamatstein and then he started teaching the Noahide laws to Black Rights Activists. These Black Activists would all end up becoming entranced with Islam, and they started to all become Muslims. Although my father respected Islam he was not interested in Islam, soon after he learned from Chassidic Rabbis stories of the Baal Shem Tov, he was hooked and then converted to Jewish Chassidus. Ten years after his conversion to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism he began to feel that the Chassidic Community was not the best place for him. Shortly after this he joined with a Modern Orthodox Jewish Community and stayed there for seven years. Zionists began to infiltrate the Community he had joined, then he would meet my mother. 

My Story.
When I came out as Gay both of my parents disowned me, after my father's death, my mother and I reconciled. We became new people to eachother, time changes people a lot.
My mother still does not approve of my Sexuality, but she understands it much more now than she had before. I joined a Reform Jewish Synagogue and I couldn't last a year, no Kosher food, no mandatory circumcision, but I liked how serious they took the importance of LGBT Rights. 
I tried, I really did, it was not working.
Then I visited several Jewish Conservative Synagogues.
No, just no, it is no.
I left for the east coast for five years, and every time I came to Reconstructionalist Synagogues I felt like I belonged. I joined Reconstructionalist Judaism, then six weeks latter I learned about the history of the Jewish Bund. I was away from Arizona for five years in total, I returned to Arizona some time after becoming a Rabbi. I am now the Rabbi of the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona, I encourage the members of our congregation to join the Bundist Movement, and I have had massive success. I do not do conversions, I stand on the principle that Jewish Conversion must be handled by the Jewish Orthodox, and only the Jewish Orthodox.  
I was in a Jewish Reconstructionalist Community for an entire three years before I became a Rabbi, and I do everything I can to stop the bigotry that many of the LGBT Community have towards the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox. 

I have had to battle Jewish Liberals who try to force Zionism on my Community.
I have had to excommunicate Jewish LGBT members for standing in Islamophobic Solidarity with Police PIGS. 
I have had to defend Transgender Gun Clubs from the slander that comes from Liberals.
I have had to visit the mothers and fathers of Transgenders, because the Police are often the ones participating in the transphobic murders in the City of Phoenix, this is why they are seldom notified.
This is in part why Arizona is lazy when it comes to the issue of obituaries.  
The neglect of obituaries is one of the highest issues in Arizona, as is identity theft.
Police participation in hate crimes, drug running, and identity theft is one of the most crucial reasons why not much is done about these crimes. The dangerous Liberal Media is only showing you a bunch of Middle Class White kids who seek to be disarmed. 
Never mind that Nikolas Cruz was a Trump endorser.
Never mind that Deputy Scot Peterson was armed and stationed on campus when Nikolas Cruz opened fire on everyone. 
Never mind that Conservatives disarm the poor while claiming to support a person's right to self defense.

 Bundists do not support Gun Control.
The Right-Wing Conservatives say: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."  
The Centrist Liberals Say: "Guns kill people". 
The Left-Wing Socialists say: "Guns don't kill people, Police PIGS kill people."
In the State of Arizona, the Police PIGS do nothing about Neo-Nazi Terrorist Thugs.
In the State of Arizona, Police PIGS consider racial profiling to be justified. 
In the State of Arizona, Police PIGS frisk teenage girls, these PIGS grope their breasts.
The position I have on this is that such teenage girls need to be armed.
I am proud to be part of Antifa. Just as the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups in the Zionist-State shut down the streets with marches because they refuse to be drafted into the Zionist Army and harm Palestinians, the Antifa in Arizona can and will shut down the streets with marches because we will not let the Police brutalize anyone. The Antifa groups that assemble in Arizona have not attacked unarmed civilians, hence this is why no News coverage has been given. The more organized an Antifa Gathering is, the less media that Antifa Gathering will receive. n and will shut down the streets with marches because we will not let the Police brutalize anyone. 
I am Jewish, I am Black, I am Gay: DON'T DISARM ME.
Police PIGS have Military grade weapons. 
I will fight both the Right-Wing and the Center. 
My stances will never change for anyone, I will protect the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox from LGBT, and I will protect LGBT from the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox. I will protect the Muslims, Mexicans, and my Community from the Police PIGS.
I will die to protect others, as that is what The Holy One Most High would ask of me. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Apologies to Ultra-Orthodox Jewry and Recognition to The Leaders of Our Generation

 By - Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua

First let me say that on behalf of the Bundist Movement 
we thank Rabbi Meir Hirsh for talking with Dr. abraham Weizfeld in Jerusalem.  

We at the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement would like to collectively apologize to all members of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry. It is our position that both the Bundists and the Ultra-Orthodox lacked any type of genuine communication in the time of the former Jewish Labour Bund. Any and all Bundists who disagree with our position on building new relations with Ultra-Orthodox Jewry can not represent Bundism. 

The biggest difference between Bundists and Zionists;

ON THE ZIONISTS __ Zionists seek to kill off Rabbinate leadership and if they can't do that they attempt to change Rabbinate leadership acting like parasites. 

ON THE BUNDISTS __ Bundists will often find themselves in disagreement with the Rabbinate leadership. The Bundists are founded upon the Torah and the mission of Tikkun Olam, understanding the Jewish People to be a Light to the Nations. What the Bundists have always found difficult is the idea of Shtetl segregation. To any Jewish Bundist, isolation keeps the Jewish People from fulfilling the Jewish mission. Bundists are for integration, yet against assimilation. Bundists will meet all disagreements with the Rabbinate leadership on grounds of Torah and only Torah, these disagreements should be kept within a Jewish discussion only away from the Non-Jewish World.

We of the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement declare Neturei Karta International to be the leaders of Our Generation. This is not an attack on Satmar, we acknowledge that Satmar along with all of the other Jewry of the Ultra-Orthodox sects that join in with the Torah True Organized Jewry (True Torah Jews) to be One Hundred Percent Kosher. Rather we find Satmar to be incapable of speaking on behalf of World Jewry. Neturei Karta understands that if we do not stand up in defense of Muslims and Palestinians then it is unlikely that anyone will stand up in defense of us, the Jewish Bund shares this exact thinking. Judeophobic Antisemitism is increasing because of America's recognition to the Zionist-State. Because the Bundist Movement is political, we fully understand that we can not speak on behalf of all of the members of World Jewry, so it is with deep affection, strong conviction, and steadfastness, that WE have decided to openly declare that it is Neturei Karta who already speak on the behalf of World Jewry. 
Neturei Karta International are the leaders of Our Generation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jewishness Defined

By: Comrade Ben-Yahushua  

English has a uniquely incorrect usage for words relating to the Jewish People.
The word Jew is incorrect as a word.
And in the plural for Jew which would be Jews, this is also incorrect.
Jewish must be used instead of Jew.
Jewish People instead of Jews.
Whenever the words Jewish People can not fit the flow of a sentence, the word Jewry is best for usage.


Jewishness is the description of what makes someone Jewish.
To go further into context of Jewishness the first question should be asked,
and this question is; What does it mean to be Jewish?

The first point to be made is that Jewish is not a homophone.
Jewish is not whatever you wish it to be.
There are those who are correct in their context of who is Jewish.
And there are those who are incorrect in their context of who is Jewish.
No one is Jewish without Judaism.
Although there are Nonobservant Jewish People.
Nonobservant Jewry do not negate themselves away from Judaism.
There are only two official ways of achieving Jewishness:
The first and more common is, being raised by a Jewish Mother since birth, being brought up with Jewish ideals, Jewish traditions, and Jewish logic.
The second and more difficult is conversion through Orthodox Judaism, and usually this means the Ultra-Orthodox but not always in the Ashkenazi context.
 The Bundists do not seek to make the entire Jewish People religious, rather Bundists would remind the Jewish People that Nonorthodox definitions of Jewishness are reactionary tenancies of a confused nature, this wide spread confusion being dangerous. The Jewish People are clearly one of the most Nonobservant of Peoples in the World, yet this does not allow for Zionism, Occident Secularism, Capitalism, or Americanism to be anything Jewish. The Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement only accepts Converts from Orthodox Judaism, usually from the Ultra-Orthodox strain yet that may depend on the situation as in some cases Converts from the Modern Orthodox strand can be recognized as authentic.

There is nothing sectarian in the context of Jewishness, ethnic backgrounds are not tied to Jewishness, anyone can convert to Judaism if this is pursued well enough and with reason.

The Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement respects Jewish Law, and so typically our political activities are not held on Shabbos nor on High Holidays, of course there are exceptions to this rule.

Jewishness is learned from the upbringing achieved by Jewish Mothers or by acquiring education through Orthodox Jewish Conversion; nowhere else can Jewishness be instituted.

As for the matters of Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionalist Judaism, and Reform Judaism;
the Bundists view these as less observant manifestations of Judaism, the Bundists have three requirements of off-shoot Judaism.
The first requirement is to be more respectful to Orthodox Jewish leadership, the second requirement is outright rejection of Zionism, the third is that the members of these off-shoot versions of Judaism be re-educated to gain an awareness of the correct context and more accurate definition of what constitutes our Nation.

In the past the members of Reform Jewry rejected any claims of Jewish Nationality because Nationalism confuses the proper context of what a Nation actually is.
Taking back Modern Orthodox Judaism from Zionism is the quest of the Bundists.
In the past Bundists and the Ultra-Orthodox clearly did not understand one another.
It is the highest desire of the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement to build bridges between Jewish Bundists and Ultra-Orthodox Jewry.
Anyone Jewish rejecting the traditions of Jewish ethics and customs should not have the right to claim any Jewishness. If someone is born of a Jewish Mother and yet does not care about his or her own Jewishness, then that person is someone who has defected from the World Jewish Community.

The root level of Jewishness is a type of Consciousness.

It is true that Islam is the closest religious tradition related to Judaism as far as other religions are concerned.
Yet to be clear Bundists hold no tolerance for dual religiosity, religiosity is a matter of orientation.
Dual religiosity is defamatory, if however someone has been brought up as both Jewish and Muslim, then this is a matter of self-identification and the question of who is the person's mother. Such persons may be encouraged to convert to Judaism, yet if such a person chooses Islam then there should be no hostility to such a person even though that person has chosen to not take on Jewishness.
Islamic religiosity rejects its Atheists and Agnostics, yet someone born Jewish could be Atheist or Agnostic yet still be grafted onto Judaism. Clearly Atheists and Agnostics are not ideal converts to Judaism, yet those Atheists and Agnostics that have been born of Jewish Mothers tend to take their Jewishness more seriously. The Bundist perspective of being Jewish requires correct conduct, both ethical and liturgical. Liturgical practices for Atheists and Agnostics of Jewish background are highly encouraged as this is the most genuine form of solidarity.

Judaism is a Cultural-Religion, not a race or ethnicity.

Jewishness is not based upon blood as a definition.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Judaism Defined

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua 

I am under the impression that Dr. abraham Weizfeld was unable to experience Purim.
All of the members of the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement have been very busy, Purim seemed to have been a great experience for most of us, yet it seems unlikely that Dr. abraham Weizfeld was even able to observe this High Holiday. But for what it is worth, he is the Mordecai of Palestine right now. He was recently at the Grave of Arafat, I hope to show all of you the picture soon.


Jewish customs are customs of Human Rights and Social Justice.
Judaism is the Torah Culture and the Religious Covenant of Moses.
That is to say Judaism is the intellectual culture of Torah ethics and the Covenant oriented religiosity of Moses Our Teacher.
Human Rights are always trampled under foot by those who would deem themselves Monarchs and Oligarchs over the rest of Humanity, a true Queen is a Mother teaching to a World the Virtues that will never be destroyed, a true King is a Scholar leading a population to the Glory of Mutual Benefit, if a King deems himself to be a Monarch then he is no King at all, so to if a Queen deems herself to be a Despot then she is no Queen at all; for a Kingdom is based on piety and the only eternal truth proven for sure is that a Pious Covenant will last from Generation to Generation so long as we can cherish the cycle of life and seek not to escape our mortality thus ensuring the doom of the next generation, Humans are Social Beings in need of constant exchange of one another and by this we find purpose.
Social Justice abolishes the System of Slavery and instead promotes Equality Among Mankind through cultural ethics by learning from generation to generation revealing evident truths, Judaism teaches Rehabilitation and Community Service instead of Slavery this is the source of rehabilitation of criminals, this is the Torah Culture.
Human Rights are determined by the Codification of Mitzvahs, the Jewish People whether by Myth, History, or Both are bonded by an ancient orientation founded by a word on Mount Sinai, this word is Covenant, from this we remember the purpose of Humanity is to love one another, Seek Peace and Pursue it, for in this Jewry is a light unto the Nations, for Judaism is built upon the piety of these Mitzvahs that forbid assault without provocation and by this we know the Covenant oriented religiosity of Moses Our Teacher.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Photos From Dounia In The West Bank: Part 3

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua 

 Israel is waging a war on Palestine, and it is important to understand the reality of this situation. 

Just as before I would like to thank the French Journalist Dounia for sending me these photos. 

The Palestinian Struggle and The Final Defeat of Zionism is now a World issue.
Antisemitism is both Judeophobic and Islamophobic.
We The Jewish People say, "Not In Our Name" and we refuse to let the State of Israel even exist anymore.

The Picture of this little one was taken on December 12th, 2017 when the Press went to the demonstration from Nablus to Huwarah where he was kidnapped by the Zionist occupation forces, protesting against Trump's decision on Jerusalem.
Dounia gave me a quote "We speak of all Palestinians and call for the release of all children and political prisoners imprisoned for exercising their legitimate right to resist the Zionist occupation prohibited by international law" 

 Traumatic incident around the same time.
                                                 Dounia says that "I still hear the screaming" 

This 18 or 19-Year-old was taken, having only one shoe on, and they did not seem to care that he only had one shoe on. Now the events around this incident are a bit unknown to me, but from what I understand, the arrest was unlawful, occupation is illegal if this boy had done anything wrong then it should be the Palestinian Authorities that should do something about it. What I can confirm is that his injuries did not get any treatment because the Zionists that took this boy forbade the paramedic to treat him before embarking. 

"This one makes me crazy, it was the time when they prevented the ambulance to give the first assistance." Quote  from: Dounia.


                                               Very violent this day in Huwarah.

Can you idenify this man? 
Because if you can you may want to know that he is a war criminal
This Captain gives orders to shoot everyone including children.
Dounia says that "Of all the dozens of Soldiers, I can always recognize this one." 

                    I hope I have given good insight in to what is going on in the West Bank.
                          Dounia's photos parallel those of Dr. abraham Weizfeld's photos.
The State of Israel needs to end. Zionism is against Judaism. Zionism brakes International Laws.
Globalism is not Inter-Nationalism, that is something barely understood, The United States of America and the State of Israel represent the actual New World Order, Globalism is the Imperialist Capitalism of Western Powers. 

                                                Gut Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom