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Thursday, March 15, 2018

My name is Isaiah P. Kamatstein, and I will die to protect others.

Isaiah P. Kamatstein

I get requests in my emails, everyone wishes to know my background, this is the best you will get from me. I would much rather tell you why I became a Bundist.

The Story of my Mother.
My mother left her community at at age 15, she was of Ashkenazi background and she when through a phase, this was a time when she explored different religions. When she met my father he was part of a Modern Orthodox Jewish Community, they fell in love and moved to Arizona.
Shortly after they fell in love she was pregnant with me, then they moved to Arizona and got married in the main Courthouse of Phoenix Arizona three weeks before my birth. 

The Story of my Father.
On the matter of what my father's name was before he had it changed, this is of no concern.
My father was a Black Man from a Baptist Community, he hated everything about this Protestant Christian Community. He studied Judaism, he would later discover that Judaism does not require the Non-Jewish to become to Jewish. So he took up the Seven Laws of Noah, the Jewish mandate for those non-Jewish. The fact is he had changed his name to Shlomo Amnu Kamatstein and then he started teaching the Noahide laws to Black Rights Activists. These Black Activists would all end up becoming entranced with Islam, and they started to all become Muslims. Although my father respected Islam he was not interested in Islam, soon after he learned from Chassidic Rabbis stories of the Baal Shem Tov, he was hooked and then converted to Jewish Chassidus. Ten years after his conversion to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism he began to feel that the Chassidic Community was not the best place for him. Shortly after this he joined with a Modern Orthodox Jewish Community and stayed there for seven years. Zionists began to infiltrate the Community he had joined, then he would meet my mother. 

My Story.
When I came out as Gay both of my parents disowned me, after my father's death, my mother and I reconciled. We became new people to eachother, time changes people a lot.
My mother still does not approve of my Sexuality, but she understands it much more now than she had before. I joined a Reform Jewish Synagogue and I couldn't last a year, no Kosher food, no mandatory circumcision, but I liked how serious they took the importance of LGBT Rights. 
I tried, I really did, it was not working.
Then I visited several Jewish Conservative Synagogues.
No, just no, it is no.
I left for the east coast for five years, and every time I came to Reconstructionalist Synagogues I felt like I belonged. I joined Reconstructionalist Judaism, then six weeks latter I learned about the history of the Jewish Bund. I was away from Arizona for five years in total, I returned to Arizona some time after becoming a Rabbi. I am now the Rabbi of the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona, I encourage the members of our congregation to join the Bundist Movement, and I have had massive success. I do not do conversions, I stand on the principle that Jewish Conversion must be handled by the Jewish Orthodox, and only the Jewish Orthodox.  
I was in a Jewish Reconstructionalist Community for an entire three years before I became a Rabbi, and I do everything I can to stop the bigotry that many of the LGBT Community have towards the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox. 

I have had to battle Jewish Liberals who try to force Zionism on my Community.
I have had to excommunicate Jewish LGBT members for standing in Islamophobic Solidarity with Police PIGS. 
I have had to defend Transgender Gun Clubs from the slander that comes from Liberals.
I have had to visit the mothers and fathers of Transgenders, because the Police are often the ones participating in the transphobic murders in the City of Phoenix, this is why they are seldom notified.
This is in part why Arizona is lazy when it comes to the issue of obituaries.  
The neglect of obituaries is one of the highest issues in Arizona, as is identity theft.
Police participation in hate crimes, drug running, and identity theft is one of the most crucial reasons why not much is done about these crimes. The dangerous Liberal Media is only showing you a bunch of Middle Class White kids who seek to be disarmed. 
Never mind that Nikolas Cruz was a Trump endorser.
Never mind that Deputy Scot Peterson was armed and stationed on campus when Nikolas Cruz opened fire on everyone. 
Never mind that Conservatives disarm the poor while claiming to support a person's right to self defense.

 Bundists do not support Gun Control.
The Right-Wing Conservatives say: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."  
The Centrist Liberals Say: "Guns kill people". 
The Left-Wing Socialists say: "Guns don't kill people, Police PIGS kill people."
In the State of Arizona, the Police PIGS do nothing about Neo-Nazi Terrorist Thugs.
In the State of Arizona, Police PIGS consider racial profiling to be justified. 
In the State of Arizona, Police PIGS frisk teenage girls, these PIGS grope their breasts.
The position I have on this is that such teenage girls need to be armed.
I am proud to be part of Antifa. Just as the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups in the Zionist-State shut down the streets with marches because they refuse to be drafted into the Zionist Army and harm Palestinians, the Antifa in Arizona can and will shut down the streets with marches because we will not let the Police brutalize anyone. The Antifa groups that assemble in Arizona have not attacked unarmed civilians, hence this is why no News coverage has been given. The more organized an Antifa Gathering is, the less media that Antifa Gathering will receive. n and will shut down the streets with marches because we will not let the Police brutalize anyone. 
I am Jewish, I am Black, I am Gay: DON'T DISARM ME.
Police PIGS have Military grade weapons. 
I will fight both the Right-Wing and the Center. 
My stances will never change for anyone, I will protect the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox from LGBT, and I will protect LGBT from the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox. I will protect the Muslims, Mexicans, and my Community from the Police PIGS.
I will die to protect others, as that is what The Holy One Most High would ask of me. 

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