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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I don't know hat to make of yesterday

By Dona Newman 

Yesterday we came to the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona.
This is the Synagogue of Isaiah P. Kamatstein's Synagogue. It needs to be known to all who read this blog, things like this, exactly like this happen in Arizona all the time.
It just so happens that no one care to know, and the News is not interested.
In fact the Arizona Republic boycotts this type of stuff.
Attacks like this and even grander than this happen. 
The date May 27, 2019. The location a plaza called Bell Canyon Pavilions.

Some background,  I have footage of my Office. I have it so that it may be known, but I had Comrade Net keep it out of range when we videotaped it on his phone on May 15, 2015. After some attacks I have taken down the Bundist flag from our window, so that no one who is unsure where we are never finds us, but I think it is too late. Several times throughout this year, we have all been approached and told that we will be killed and that no one will believe us, and that is most likely the case.

We were late, came there at 1:00 P.M.
There were Police all over the place we saw the bodies of the five members of the Council and several child corpses thrown into a black Van. We also saw one of the Cops holding a door handle, I recognized it, that was the door handle to the back of the Synagogue. When we came by to ask questions two of the Cops came up to me and told me -- this is a quote -- "Ms. Newman you are not welcome here, nothing happened " Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua got up in their face they slammed him to the ground and threatened to arrest him, he asked do see their badge numbers and several onlookers just laughed at us. We ran towards the Synagogue anyway coming out from the archway we could see several Cops no Paramedics, we could see that they were taking them from the back entrance, I don't ever recall Isaiah ever using that back entrance. Comrade Net's phone is mildly damaged, I was able to get the footage of the back of the Synagogue from his phone. We stayed near by. I parked my Car near the Red Roof Inn near that place and waited and I had Comrade Net walk over every so often to see if the Cops were gone. When it looked like all the Police had gone away we went through the back of the building through the archway to take these pictures and Comrade Net videotaped the back of the Cosmopolitan Jewish Reconstructionalist Community of Phoenix Arizona, what is strange is that the door handle was freshly new.
There was construction going on at the back building, I am still not sure what to make of any of this, no one is going to believe this. He also took two pictures. And videotaped what he could, he got frisked by a Cop and was told and this is a quote -- "Leave or I will arrest you both" and that was it, I am gathering a lot of files together. We have barely anything to go by, actually we have nothing to go by.
This is the calling card of Jared Eighty-Eight. He
I have made all the correct phone calls, no one will talk to me and now it looks like my number is blocked. I am at a loss. I know that the only ones who will believe any of this are those of you who live in Arizona and have gone through this. Comrade Net does not believe that they were real Cops.
I think it was all Cops, we have seen Jared Eighty-Eight many times.
We have seen his calling card many times. And for Net to get assaulted by the office, there is no way that they are not Cops. Arizona is the most outlandish place in America. I refuse to lie. I also now see that making any contact to the Police was the biggest mistake we could have made. This is reprisal. Some of my Intel has even informed me that this is the work of not just Cops, it is the owners of the propriety, all of whom I have tried very hard to contact. We have talked to many people who gave testimony that he can kill and that no Cops ever arrest him. How else can they mistreat the bodies and then do the construction the way they did. I might just have a few eyewitnesses who are willing to come forward but if they do not, then we are finished, no one is ever going to believe any of this.
I need to morn, but I need justice. It is not coming.


  1. We will stand with you.

    No fascism will pass without opposition and we will overcome.

  2. Jared Eighty-Eight is notorious for his inhumanity, and the Phoenix Police are notorious for criminality. Jared Eighty-Eight is a sick man, he even raped a 15 year old girl from Kentucky, the Police just laughed at the Father when he made the report to them about what this Fascist had done.

  3. Are you alright? It has been 4 months since you uploaded this video and you still haven't posted anything yet.