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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I have done wrong and I apologize to the Bundist Movement both living and dead.

The last post. the last letter. By Dona Newman.

On March 19, 2012 I wrote a slanderous piece on Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua. 

I need to apologize to abraham Weizfeld PhD. 

In addition I need to apologize to Comrade Net and his Wife. 

I wrote something on March 19, 2021 https://bundistmovement.blogspot.com/2021/03/the-burden-of-having-comrade-net-and-dr.html as I read what I have written it is clear that I made many typos. This shows that my mood was not well. I make typos from time to time but never this bad. 

This is what I wrote;

But before I start this Statement, I need to explain my early days on YouTube. I had a Channel that I built in 2007 called Doikeit Warrior Princess. My small Channel was not political, I made Videos on how to fully learn to read, write and speak Yiddish. Many of the Videos was just me reading Yiddish poetry that I wrote, they were the worst poems anyone could have ever written, this is the reason why I burned all my Yiddish poetry, it was a total embarrassment to Jewish Culture. I took down my original Channel in 2012 after just getting tired of being mocked, my voice is something of a joke; I sound like a crazy stereotypical East Coast Jewess, just imagine that kind of voice trying to read very bad Yiddish poetry.  I was one of the original subscribers to the first Maoist Rebel News Channel. I used to comment on the original Maoist Rebel News Channel, Jason Unruhe loved my comments. Those days were the golden days on YouTube before all the unfair censorship. I started the Bundist Movement with Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net in 2009 the same year that Maoist Rebel News started. To give this all further context, I need to explain Cancel culture. Cancel culture (or call-out culture) is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. Those who are subject to this ostracism are said to have been "cancelled". The expression "cancel culture" has mostly negative connotations and is commonly used in debates on free speech and censorship. The notion of cancel culture is a variant on the term call-out culture and constitutes a form of boycotting involving an individual (usually a celebrity) who is deemed to have acted or spoken in a questionable or controversial manner. For those on the receiving end of cancel culture, the consequences can lead to loss of reputation and income, from which it can be hard to recover. I am the main reason why Dr. Weizfeld has never been canceled. Comrade Net is the only reason why the younger generations want to get to know Dr. Weizfeld. Comrade Net is the only reason why Bundism became relevant again. There was an agreement between myself, Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net that we were going to put out a Manifesto. We had an agreed upon set of principles that the five martyrs also adopted, this is in pieces of a scattered Manifesto that has not been published yet, although parts of it have been gathered into a book that Chairman Weizfeld has titled MANUEL of REVOLUTION. What Dr. Weizfeld can't seem to remember is this agreement. We made a synthesized agreement that only Dr. Weizfeld keeps violating, then on May 27, 2019 this was forgotten due to a crisis and as soon as we gave into Dr. Weizfeld's demands that this be made public put many people living in Arizona in danger, this forced Comrade Net under the political conscription of Maoists and Anarchists. This not something that Dr. Weizfeld can really be bothered with, so I thus will not be bothered with Dr. Weizfeld unless I'm in the mood as Dr. Weizfeld is usually bad for my health these days. Dr. Weizfeld even republished a three part video series on this topic knowing that as a PhD his status gives us protection on YouTube. His republishing of those Videos is the only reason they have not been taken off the Bundist Channel. The name of this three part series is Bundist Political Awareness. You can find the Video series on both the Bundist Channel and Weizfeld Channel.

I love Yiddish so much that I don't want to disgrace it with my cheesy wording. Net always loved my poetry.

All three of these Videos feature my voice. I hate my voice, this does not make a self-hating Jewish Woman, although old people like Dr. Weizfeld have always seemed to think so. 

Nothing that I have written here excuses what I did.

So I gave my word to the Federated MLM Cadres that I would hold off criticizing Dr. Weizfeld, Comrade Net and even myself. This is because I have been correctly accused of criticizing too much. It is not just the Maoists that want Comrade Net to assert himself it is the Anarchists who want this too. I have no choice, both Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net are going to be way in over their heads if I don't intervene. abraham Weizfeld PhD embraces a lot of notions that serve to discredit us. I have tried to call out Dr. Weizfeld on his Russophobia and his inability to investigate more credible sources of information but it was always Comrade Net that held me back from doing this. Comrade Net wants to give everyone the benefit of a doubt, this is his biggest flaw. We must never act in good faith when talking to anyone on Social Media because that is how we get destroyed. We must be critical and even mildly paranoid if we wish to get our message out there. Comrade net does not like to withhold information from Dr. Weizfeld and that is alright. The issue is that solid reality tends to make Dr. Weizfeld irrational if it is not in line with his pre-conceived beliefs. Now all of a sudden Comrade Net is aware of the shortcomings of Dr. Weizfeld. Comrade Net now can see just how disconnected Dr. Weizfeld is. Comrade Net can see just how brainwashed Dr. Weizfeld is. Comrade Net can now see just how much Dr. Weizfeld will ignore blatant facts because it disturbs his Anti Authority Crusaderism. 

There are so many times that I tried to convince Comrade Net that there was something wrong with Dr. Weizfeld but it is actually a generational gap between many of us and Dr. Weizfeld as Comrade #3 and some other Demarchists have pointed out. I have exaggerated this fact and twisted it to sound as if both Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net are both jerks. It is not that he is disconnected, many have said this about Dr. Weizfeld when angry with him because he does leave this impression. Net has always said "Dr. Weizfeld is only dismissive because he is just getting older and his World is a nightmare just like ours, there is nothing actually wrong with him" Net finally started to believe my words and this is because I know how to twist anything. This is not my normal behavior but ever since my second stroke it has become typical of me more and more. It is not actually that easy to manipulate Nethanel, it takes a lot of repetition, I also have to catch him off guard and ever since the kidnapping of some of the Anarchists he has not been sleeping that well. 

Net believes in Anarchist principles. His tactics and thinking are along the lines of MLM but he is very critical of Marxism just as he is of Anarchism. Net believes in Bundism. 

I hate Leon Trotsky, but it was with reading the JPLO Principles enough times that

It is me Dona Newman who has also known that Nestor Makhno was antisemitic but Net has always demanded proof, I never have taken the time to give him this proof. I feel threaten that he wants Dr. Weizfeld to give his point of view to Makhno, I fear this because it was always Dr. Weizfeld who left the better impression on him.

COMRADE NET DO NOT CRY TO ME THAT YOU WANT TO BE OKAY WITH GOOD OLD EIBIE. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THINGS MY WAY FROM THE START! Comrade Net is rude and mean, very mean. Comrade Net actually thinks he has a right to interview me about my Aunt's experiences as a Jewish Partisan. Poor little young bratty Net, you are the youngest Second Generation Holocaust survivor and you couldn't even get that interview with Gizella Weisshaus. Come on Net you know Yoel, he will never let you talk to his grandmother because you are a Bundist. The friendship between Yoel Weisshaus and abraham Weizfeld is not there. It is so funny how you associating with abraham Weizfeld wrecked your relationship with Satmar as bad as it did. YOU WILL NEVER INTERVIEW ANY OF THE FIRST GENERATION HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS. LET IT GO! TAKE IT OFF YOUR TO DO LIST! IT'S TOO LATE. You have ambitions of interviewing Dr. Weizfeld because you consider him closer to the time of the Holocaust. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. DR. WEIZFELD WILL NEVER GIVE YOU THAT! You are very smart Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua but you are also pathetic and still too hopeful for vain pursuits. The Holocaust is not our Religion, the Holocaust is not our Culture. "But what about NEVER AGAIN?" pathetic! Solidarity goes both ways, something Dr. Weizfeld needs to remember. Comrade Net needs to remember that Reciprocity is not Solidarity; even though reciprocity goes both ways like solidarity the actions and behaviors which manifest these principles into any type of application are not the same. Comrade Net is in violation of ignoring the nature of reciprocity but Dr. Weizfeld is guilty of liberalism and always has been. Dr. Weizfeld will always have that Elderly Supremacy that you use to tell me was not real, now you see what I see too, you are pathetic Net. 

-------------------- This is were I said some of my worst. I will tell the truth this time. What I said about Solidarity and Reciprocity is true. But what I said about NEVER AGAIN was wrong of me and not my true nature, this is me lashing out. The truth is that Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net are very much alike it just so happens that Net is more hothead especially since 2019 and it got more severe since 2010.

I am going to do a favor for both Weizfeld and Ben-Yahushua. There is a person on YouTube that goes by the name Maoist-Third Worldist Movement, he is the editor of two Third Worldist blogs. I know who this person actually is, he is about 20 years older than Jason Unruhe, an Asian who loved BLevel the host of the podcast known as Ewoks Unhinged. At the time Darksnovia was the co-host of Ewoks Unhinged. No one had ever herd of Ewoks Unhinged until Jason Unruhe promoted them. Most of the Anarchists that make up the membership of the Arizona Rebellion are Star Wars fans and they loved Ewoks Unhinged. These Anarchists actually thought that BLevel was going to platform them in an interview but BLevel stonewalled them. I asked Maoist-Third Worldist Movement to investigate the suspicious things around Ewoks Unhinged that I began to see. The quality of Ewoks Unhinged went down after BLevel started getting closer to Caleb Maupin. Maupin hates actual Socialists. No good was going to come of this. You can see how BLevel went on a unprovoked offensive . . . 

What I did not reveal is that I pushed Net into making demands of BLevel. Everyone mentioned here is at peace with each other and I had no right to dig up resolved drama. Drama that Net went out of his way to resolve. Net is the real peacemaker in this situation. 

Brace yourself reader...

I have been blackmailing Comrade Net and his Wife for almost two years, more on this at the bottom of the post. 






Comrade Net actually helped Darksnovia get through a very turbulent period in his life. Also because Darksnovia is a Maoist-Third Worldist, it was easy for Comrade Net to get him interested in not just the Bundist Movement but abraham Weizfeld PhD. No one has done more to raise public knowledge of abraham Weizfeld PhD than Comrade Nethanel Ben-Yahushua. 

Look at the tone of BLevel. BLevel a Social Media clout chaser can talk like this to an elderly Cadre. I fully agree with Comrade Net trying to protect myself and Dr. Weizfeld from the cesspool of internet clout chasers but what infuriates me is that in order to protect Ewoks Unhinged you broke my Computer and told me that I was crazy and needed to be locked up. You justified this by saying "I fixed this problem. Don't engage in wrecking!" but then what happened? BLEVEL DOXXED YOU! Fortunately I was able to salvage everything on my computer and now the entire World will come to know who BLevel is. When Comrade Net was in Ohio collaborating with RedScare TV and Fellow Traveler it was discovered that BLevel had been doxxing Comrade Net. 

If I had been in Net's position I would have done the same thing. Not only has Maoist-Third Worldist Movement made amends with both Uncle Thomas and Anunkasan so has Net. Uncle Thomas is not even a Fascist, it turns out he was a former right-wing Conspiracy theorist that has been considering Socialism for a year. I apologize to both Maoist-Third Worldist Movement and to Comrade Net. I left out the most important part, RedScare TV has corrected BLevel on these things and there is no longer an issue with BLevel. My written shitstorm was dishonest, I am very skilled at lying through omitting facts.

Frustration began on March 17, 2021 as Comrade Net came over to ask if he could post on our Blog. I informed him that I had a few letters to write on this Blog. He got frustrated with me for taking too long. I reminded him that he has a list of Videos to make for the Bundist Movement Channel and he said "I have been overwhelmed with too much!" but when I explain my reasons for why it is taking me so long to write out new letters for this Blog, this means nothing to him. 


If I had been in Net's position I would have done the same thing. 



Well actually, Comrade Net will be silent and wait until Dr. Weizfeld says some fascist-propaganda that western academics are made to believe about Joseph Stalin and then the angry Sephardi will wake up to call out the westernized Yid. This will lead to a burnt bridge that Comrade Net will never okay with. If Comrade Net shows any type of self respect or defends Stalin on the fact that Stalin went after Antisemites doing the best he could to liquidate them. Being that historically honest with Dr. Weizfeld will cause a full meltdown. This is just how things work. But it is funny that I don't care as much as I should. Both Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net are inconsiderate jerks at times. Comrade Net has heard the Marxist argument that Nestor Makhno was antisemitic, he has never really taken that to heart (even though that is probably the truth) because he insists on learning more about this. Comrade Net being fair to both Makhno and Stalin will never be okay with Dr. Weizfeld, facts matter very little to most PhDs. Comrade Net is foolish to always try to be more balanced, something that I am actually way better at. Being Jewish is not always a happy thing, do I really have to explain this? We eat each other alive. Jewry has become too passive and Comrade Net is the inevitable outcome. By the way this is yesterday's letter https://bundistmovement.blogspot.com/2021/03/to-much-to-say.html sorry to say that I made a few typos, I rushed through it as a build up to this letter. Please read that letter. 

I was lying here too. It is good that Comrade Net is balanced. Dr. Weizfeld has become more understanding of Stalin and the truth is that the three of us should have combined our knowledge of the USSR like Net always wanted. That type of collaboration would have told us so much. Although I have my facts straight with Joseph Stalin the experiences of Dr. Weizfeld's mother and father are part of the facts too. Comrade Net made to our Chairman to find out the names of the missing, an impossible task.

The Bundist Movement is over. Comrade Net will make a few Videos for the Channel then I will also make a few Videos for the Channel. The Website has been having trouble but it will be back up and it will stay up even after the Bundist Movement is closed. I am going to make my own Bundist cell. I have decided to call it .... JEWISH LIBERATION ACTION FRONT .... this is my flag .... 

I am not worthy. But both Comrade Net and Dr. Weizfeld are. Comrade Net will not make any more Videos. This time I really will set you free Net. I did a lot to keep you under my control due to my many insecurities. I have been blackmailing both you and your Wife ever since after May 27, 2019 because I wanted to force you to withhold information about my plans. It has been my plan to get Dr. Weizfeld to cut you off and for him to get me over to Canada, I've done this wanting him to leave you behind because the Navajo need you, the Maoists still need you and the Anarchists especially need you. 

The three of us have grown apart ideologically. I put stock into pure Bundism unlike Dr. Weizfeld and Comrade Net. Dr. Weizfeld is spoofed by the legacy of Social Democrats who can never be allied with. Comrade Net synthesizes Bundism with Mafia ideology. They both fail in comparison to myself and they are both very inconsiderate towards me. Without me these two will tear each other apart. The Manifesto is not complete and I trust Comrade Net to find all the pieces that are meant to go into it. In order for the three of us to act as a team we need to each have our own Bundist cell. Mine will be better than what ever the fuck Comrade net decides to build. Dr. Weizfeld will need to bring back the Jewish People's Liberation Organization and it will need to stand as its own cell. 

I fear this becuase I know it will mean no democratic centralism. Comrade Net has always disliked democratic centralism, ever since I blackmailed him he began to hate it. When ever Comrade Net or his Wife decided to challange me I have always reverted to blackmailing them by telling the World their biggest secret. I would still say that Dr. Weizfeld is spoofed. I do trust Comrade Net. It is me that does not deserve to be trusted. Comrade Net and Dr. Weizfeld have only grown apart on the matter of tactics, when it comes to what matters most to them, they are the exact same. I actually know full well what Comrade Net wants to do he wants to synthesize the Vanguard Circle with Makhno's style of Vangaurdism. I fear this because I know it will mean no democratic centralism. Comrade Net has always disliked democratic centralism, ever since I blackmailed him he began to hate it. When ever Comrade Net or his Wife decided to challenge me I have always reverted to blackmailing them by telling the World their biggest secret.

This is a gift that I give to Dr. Weizfeld. This is the JPLO flag. Build up a Bundist cell עלטע ברוד do not worry if you think you are too old. Many are disillusioned by Jewish Voice for Peace and the JPLO Principles are appealing to many Young Jewish Activists in both Canada and the United States of America. Knowing that you are my ideological roots into full Bundism, you can't let me down, I surpassed you though and you are too old and stubborn to admit this. 

I have degenerated very badly worse than either Stalin or Mao or Gaddafi had. But what I say here is true. The young activists in Jewish Voice for Peace would be way more attracted to the JPLO if they knew about it. One of the things that I have always hated about Comrade Net is his interest in Leon Trotsky. 

I should clarify that Nethanel may not like most of the Trotskyists in the West but he does like Trotsky almost as much as he likes Stalin. I have been keeping Net busy so that he could not find the PDFs. The reason being is although the martyrs took Bundsm in a surprising direction they all held democratic centralism in contempt. 


I also don't want Dr. Weizfeld to see the actual TEMPLATE OF REVOLUTION because it concludes with the Chairman's RITE to write his disagreement and why. Net loved that part more than anything. The truth is I have always even now hated that Template just for that reason. The goal of the Manifesto was to formalize Bundism for our time, Net was satisfied with it, I never was because it dispels my goals. 


I have a guilty pleasure of loving control because I feel powerless. 

The Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement was to be an the Inter-National chapter.

The Bundist Movement was the MOVEMENT it self. 

The Vangaurd Circle was always meant to be the Method but I always hated how round table it was. 

There was always meant to be the Method which included a plan of Jewish Unification and I know that Dr. Weizfeld would have loved it, I hated this plan. The Method is on a PDF, I suspect that it will be Dr. Weizfeld's favorite part. Not only was my contribution to this plan the smallest it was clearly inspired by Dr. Weizfeld and my other teacher Fred Danson. I have covered up that I along with Comrade Net and Comrade Sai were the Prodigies of Fred. It was not just my Aunt that taught me, it was Danson too. I want to be seen as more of a purist than Comrade Net or abraham Weizfeld PhD but I'm not. I fear that Net will come to realize that Dr. Weizfeld loves Quantum Science just as much as he does because to Net that is Mysticism not Science which is what Net believes in. I have always been insecure but I was not always this petty, again at the bottom I will explain it all.

This is the flag I have made for you Eibie. I hope that you can start to get off your loftily tower of judgement and start to understand a few things that continue to allude you. Comrade Nethanel Ben-Yahushua is working tirelessly and he has a right to know that you have wondered if he is on Meth, even though he is a naturalist that never touches artificial substances of any kind. He has a right to know that you think he has Narcissistic personality disorder. You ever think that maybe the fact you dismiss all us of might have finally gotten to him? No you don't. Even after the Bundist Movement is closed I really want the three of us working together but I don't see how this is going to happen. You seem to think that Net has unlimited resources to get to cities out of his reach. You have not the slightest clue. You can't just insult Net these days and expect him to take it like he used too. I used to say the most dehumanizing things at Net because I used to find it funny that he took it so well but the truth is the way people treat Net in general has affected him greatly. He is tirelessly working to get everything done and the fault that lies on others you would rather place on him. I don't even blame Net for busting my computer anymore what I have exposed will cause problems but I just don't care. Both you and Net are total jerks. I hope you like this flag Eibie. When people see this flag I want them to say "The Jewish People's Liberation Organization is here!"

I did wrong in this statement. My shade I was throwing at Weizfeld here was overdue as he is not always the fairest person. But a most if not all of his current rage is my doing as I tightened my grip over Net. This is my fault and my conscience has finally awaken. What I should have said was;

Net is working tirelessly and he has had to go on most of this alone. He has gotten stronger but I wanted him to become unstoppable in my deranged mentality I thought writing this would do something.  

I should have left it at that.

Comrade Net, I am more pissed at you than anyone in the World at this moment. I love you but you are a gullible fool. I made you this flag. I don't know what you will call your Bundist cell but it makes me glad to know that the Youth trust you. You have risked much and it is sad that you remain so unappreciated. Nonetheless you are also the most pathetic creature on the Planet. Your hero worship of Dr. Weizfeld has opened the door to a lot more inward damage towards yourself than you can ever understand. Maybe I should let Dr. Weizfeld know how pathetic you really are. That you desperately try to cover up that you see this old bitter Man as the closest thing you will ever have to family, it is very sad and weak. You should be more forthcoming with things. Let me guess.. you became more forthcoming and now you are paying the price because a bitter old Man can't deal with you asserting any kind of self respect. Maybe I should let Dr. Weizfeld know that you are obsessed with trying to learn Yiddish as well as I know it. That you try hard to understand Spanish so that you can become fluent in Ladino, we both know that you are too busy for that. Should I let him know up until recently you kept a picture of your real Mother and you would sit alone crying thinking that maybe, just maybe she would want you. PATHETIC! You are pathetic. You will never recapture the Culture of Sepharad, you will never have time to learn the language of your kin; don't waste your time. You want others to grow up but are to scared to put our Elders in their place. You should have started standing up for yourself years ago. STAND UP TO EVERYONE EVEN TO EIBIE WEIZFELD REGARDLESS OF THE BRIDGE YOU MAY BURN. You are a fool Net you always have been. This flag is YOU Net, it smacks of you it is sad that you always want an elder above you. Stop living to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. Stand and Fight קלוג יינגל it is who you really are. 

The truth is I am jealous that Net has Children.

I've been going crazy with how much you try to take care of me. Stop it. I can take care of myself. I know you will have to criticize me for making these criticisms. But what I have done you got to admit makes this easier for you. Dr. Weizfeld is never going to stop scapegoating you. The Martyrs tried to tell you when they were living how odd it was that you got blamed for positions that we all took. I trusted you Net, when you said we need to take what happened on May 27, 2019 to some type of media I made it clear that not only would no one believe us, I told you that it would turn whatever was left of our lives upside down. You should have warned Dr. Weizfeld to not call the FBI and the ADL his actions contradicted the Bundist line. But you insisted that he knew what he was doing. You are a fool.

I stand by what I have said about the FBI and the JDL but that is it. 

The martyrs were frustrated with Dr. Weizfeld a lot and I sabotaged any chance they could have had to really get to know Dr. Weizfeld. I am terrified of speaking, I had always kept the others from speaking although in the Video titled The Experimental Livestream with Commentary you can hear at one point Marvin and in another point you can here Uri. 

I did a disservice to the martyrs and it has taken me a while to confront myself. I did the five of them wrong. I always said to the others that "I have to speak on the Channel more before you guys speak" and then May and April of 2019 came. This when Dr. Weizfeld was imprisoned and not a single News Media would cover this.

One of the things about me is that I love Stan Heller and Max Bluennthal. 

Comrade Net hates Stan Heller but loves Max Bluennthal.

The Five Maryrs hates Stan Heller but loves Max Bluennthal.

Dr. Weizfeld loves Stan Heller but hates Max Bluennthal.

When we could not get the help of Stan Heller I used this to my advantage to make excuses for using democratic centralism without including Dr. Weizfeld. I told them we would disclose everything to Dr. Weizfeld. Net through a fit at me over this and he began to go visit a friend.

The Vanguard Circle was a formalization which mostly worked but we never could test the full range of this Theory because we needed four Ministers too.

The  3 ones of Command were meant to be the Chairman, the Emissary and the Cleric all having equal rank with each other and able to over ride each other in some instances.

The 5 ones of Council were meant to be the ones who had the obligation of testing what the Command told them to do.

The 4 ones of Ministry were meant to do the bidding of the Council and thus spread the Bundist Ideological Methodology to Jewish People. Comrade Net told me that Dr. Weizfeld suggested the term Ideological Methodology and he convinced me last year that this was best rather than just calling Bundism a Methodology. The 4 Ministers were also meant to be able to give orders to the Command.  

Then from there the Vanguard Circle was to recruit and establish rank and file Membership, the more these rank and file Bundists understood Bundism the more this gave them the ability to start up new Vanguard Circles.

HOWEVER; there was not to be any other Chairman of the Revolution because Dr. Weizfeld was the first foundation to the Bundist Movement Theory. All other Chairmans were to be titled Chairman of the Vanguard. There was also never to be another Emissary of Solidarity because I was not just the founder I started the Bundist Movement, all other Emissaries were to be called the Emissary of Theory. There was to be no other Cleric of Public Relations because Comrade Net with myself and Dr. Weizfeld was a founding member, all other Clerics were to be called Cleric of Diplomacy. 

I must add that democratic centralism is meant only as a temporary measure until the Vanguard Circle is complete, and it must be done when one is held hostage.What I was incorrect to even democratic centralism because we would have to include Dr. Weizfeld in this, which I took very extreme measures to make sure did not happen. Dr. Weizfeld was already out of the prison when I forced this on the others. They felt forced into some type of support with Sanders by Dr. Weizfeld and now they felt forced to be dirty by me and what I pulled on them. This made me more jealous of Net because they all got closer to him as this happened, and through it all Dr. Weizfeld was the favorite topic. How to get Dr. Weizfeld to Arizona became a real goal, one I was wanting too but I felt out of place even though Net always built me up like he does everyone. 





When I look at this, I see what I have become. I don't like what I see here.

LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR. Dr. abraham Weizfeld PhD is and has always been the Chairman of the Revolution. In 2019 a lot of bad things happened and then the worst that year came on May 27, 2019.
Communications have continued to be disruptive throughout 2020. But there is another detail that I am leaving out. I have violated every rule that Dr. Weizfeld, Comrade Net and myself have actually put into this Bundist Movement.  

We continued to get attacked throughout the time up until May 27, 2019. 

I began to investigate Comrade Net's personal life so I could find dirt on him. But what I did not expect was for Hannah and Mariam to find out this and confront me on this. I made a deal with them that I would end all the democratic centralism after the wedding in exchange for them to not tell Net and I promised that I would. I made it look like I had disposed of this new dirt that I found on Net. Rather surprisingly Mariam already knew these details about Net and his Wife. I really was going to remove the democratic centralism but I had no intention of loosing my hold over Net now that I found dirt on him and his Wife. When I think about this it all seems very Trotskyist. After the Wedding Massacre took place Daniel Miller had arrived, actually he arrived a few days before the Wedding. Daniel Miller refused to become the new Minister of Antifa Action also known as the Minister of Antifa Affairs. I was in shock and so was Net so it took a while for us to realize that he left us high and dry. When it sank in that Daniel was always all talk, this still pisses me off. I had talked to Daniel Miller on the phone during the Month of May before the massacre for half an hour before he had to get off the phone. I was rather taken in by Daniel just as Net was, this still makes me upset he showed no Solidarity with us and he distanced himself in fear. I talked this over the Daniel problem with Net some time in August and he told me that we needed to contact Dr. Weizfeld, I panicked and sent his Wife information showing that I knew about the secret that she had her Husband keep from the public and rightly so. 

I have constantly reminded Net that he has children and he better know his place. 

I really am sorry to both Nethanel and abraham. I am sorry to the memory of the Bundist Movement. I am sorry to Nethanel's Wife. I betrayed a Sister.

But I was selfish. But let me just clear the air, no Comrade Net and his Wife are not Gay.

I had the nerve to lie through omission.

I am going to destroy all this information I have on Net and his Wife tonight. 

Nothing I say will make this better. I have calculated every prejudice that Comrade Net and Dr. Weizfeld have about each other and I set up a lot and I have projected my rage about myself at him and I have harmed his loved ones with my actions. I started setting up Net a lot starting in February. Net was starting to sound more like Dr. Weizfeld and this felt like a loss of control so I tapped into a side of Net that lies behind the surface by constantly complaining about the things that Dr. Weizfeld does that I know that Comrade Net hates. I did this out of fear as well as insecurity. As I have regained partial sanity I have realized what I have done and it kills me. But I had it in mind to blackmail him before both my strokes and before the massacre. I have dreaded the day that may come when Dr.Weizfeld learned of any of this. I have destroyed the once great bond between Comrade Net and Dr. Weizfeld. May Hashem have mercy on me because I fear that they will not. This is my self criticism and my set of full confessions. Even though they are now dead, I am sorry Mariam Emesberg, Hannah Toff, Marvin Eliyahu and Isaiah P. Kamatstein.This is my last post for this blog. 

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