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Friday, March 16, 2018

Popular World Court

By Marvin Eliyahu 

The League of Nations failed to solve the problems of the World.
Imperialists can not pass judgment on other Imperialists.
The Nuremberg trials was a breakthrough, yet it was still underachieving.
The United Nations was an improvement yet it has not solved the major World Crisis of Genocide, Human Right Abuses, nor World Hunger.
This is because Debt rules the policy of Globalism.
Globalism is a Capitalist method of stonewalling the poor.
The answer can only be found in Inter-Nationalism and World Federalism. And a Popular World Court must exist to hold Governments accountable. All Judges of the popular courts need to be civilian. Those holding government office should be banned from participating in popular courts, and all education needs to be made free and accessible in order to maintain direct democracy.

The purpose a Banks is simply to hold and store money, and for this reason Banks must never be allowed to print Money ever again. It is the duty of Public Treasuries to print Money, not Banks.

We need a Popular World Court System that is publicly controlled, and this needs to be cut off from all private and state interests. We need to institute Direct Democracy, and for this to even work we need public education that is more than just capable of merely resorting to the truth, we need a public education system that has truth as a mandatory function. But first, I will need to treat this as an American issue, the reason for this is a little something called HR 1776. Study HR 1776, there is a direct reason for the World economy's dependence on America's economy being healthy.
You will need to study this yourself, I will be writing something on HR 1776 in due time.

We may need to go back some time in the past, then we can just remember that in the United States of America President Franklin D. Roosevelt had managed to Nationalize the Federal Reserve with the Glass Steagall Banking Act of 1933, this is very important because Liberals actually think that nationalizing Private Banks fixes Capitalism. I ask everyone to recall that in 1999 President William Jefferson Clinton repealed the Glass Steagall Banking Act of 1933, that is how the Federal Reserve was re-privatized.
This shows us that Globalism only ends with the end of Americanism.
Americanism is inherently anti-Socialist, a lot of money is spent to keep you from looking into American Archives that anyone can find in a Public Library, and sometimes even on the Internet. 
And do not listen to fiscal conservatives who try to tell you that Socialism is the power of the New World Order. I can show how false that is, in a few sentences, keep reading.

Africa, Asia, and Europe together make up what we typically call the Old World. 

The Roman Empire was the Old World Order. 

The Americas and the Continent of Oceania together make up what we typically call the New World.

Americanism is New World Order. 

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