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Thursday, March 15, 2018

My First Open Letter To The Catholic Churches on behalf of the Bundist Movement

By: Comrade Net Ben-Yahushua

Let me start by making it clear that the Jewish Bundist Diaspora Movement recognizes the Catholic Churches, Eastern Orthodox Churches, & Oriental Orthodox Churches as authentic to the context of Christianity.


 I furthermore would say to the World Catholic Communities that I do not view the Crusades and the Inquisition as the fault of Catholic Doctrine. The fault of the Crusades and the Inquisition is a problem of illiteracy that unfortunately occurred for centuries, I have noted that many of you have made this statement, and I agree. However you need to become more public with this, your silence on these issues teaches your young people to not speak out. It is clear that education is a right, because without literacy cultural ignorance creates the conditions for genocide. We now have common enemies, it should not have taken common enemies for us to find coexistence, yet none the less we find common cause in this. You have Christian heretics to deal with, so too we have Jewish heretics to deal with.

Ummah is a collective term for all the World's Muslims.
Church is a collective term for all the World's Christians.
Israel is a collective term for all of World Jewry.

It is evident that a religious building in the context of Christianity
more correctly is referred to as a Parish. According to the Bible of Christianity "Church" is not a building. It is obvious that Christians shall have massive problems as long as a Parish can be confused with the word “Church”, we the Jewish People have a similar dilemma. The Jewish People already have massive problems because the word “Israel” is constantly confused for a Country.

The very word “Israel” is a collective term for World Jewry.
The most important texts in Judaism by far is the five books of Moses;
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy. Each one of the five books of Moses are divided into Parshahs. Parshah is a section of the five books of Moses used in Jewish liturgy during a single week. The weekly Parshah is chanted publicly by a designated reader in Jewish prayer services, starting with a partial reading on the afternoon of Shabbos, then again during the Monday and Thursday morning services, then ending with a full reading during the following Shabbos morning services. The references in Judaism to that of a Promised Land are of a symbolic nature. Even those who take the Jewish scriptures more literally always reference the Promised Land
in symbolic context. This is because the central theme in Judaism is that of a wandering refugees from Egypt who make a Religious Covenant with the Almighty Creator on a Mountain in the barren desert. According to the scriptures of Judaism the Kingdom of Israel was not ruled by Monarch-Kings but rather the Kingdom of Israel was lead by Theocratic-Kings who had to answer to the Prophets of the Almighty Creator. 

The memory of Chabad Lubavitch is not anything to be attacked, yet the result of what Menachem Mendel Schneerson left behind was a new Chabad.
As of now CHaBaD is not Jewish, furthermore Rebbe Schneerson was not the Messiah.

The Bundist Movement rejects Protestant Christian Restorationism in all its manifestations:
be it the Pentecostal, Baptist, Nondenominational, Evangelical Fundamentalist, Seventh Day Adventist, and especially both the Mormon-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Messianic Judaism/Jews for Jesus- as Messianic Judaism is slander and Mormonism is Americanism made into a Spiritual Creed.

I have proclaimed this two at of my in-Person forums over the last week, and I knew that I would be accused of sectarianism for this. I feel rather strongly that everyone should know that making any such claims of sectarianism upon me or the Jewish Bund for safeguarding Jewishness, would be no different than claiming someone to be a Sectarian for rejecting Fascism.

The Bundist Movement does not discriminate against Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, or Reconstructionalist Judaism as that is a matter for -Orthodox Jewry to settle as an internal problem.

 And so likewise the Bundist Movement does not discriminate against Original-Protestant Christians:
the Lutheran, Episcopalian, Calvinist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, the Quaker groups, or Anabaptist groups like the Mennonites as that is a matter for -Catholics to settle as an internal problem.

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