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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Flag of the Democratic Federation

By Marvin Eliyahu 

This is the flag for the Palestinian-Hebrew Democratic Federation that three Palestinians and myself designed. This flag has been a work in progress and we sought to honor the Palestinian heritage with the design, we are pleased with this flag and we will be promoting it everywhere.
The feedback has been very positive and uplifting.
It is deeply disturbing that just recently the Jewish-State Law passed in the Zionist State.
I look forward to reading dr. abraham Weizfeld's book The Federation of Palestinian and Hebrew Nations and I wonder how similar his conclusions are to mine.

As I have already mentioned before, the majority of the Citizens of the Zionist-State are not informed. I am much more educated than most Citizens of the Zionist-State and I have the right to speak on the behalf of the Citizens of the Zionist-State, most of the Citizens of the Zionist-State have no genuine right to speak on behalf of anyone including themselves. My personal journey starts when first I was born in the Zionist-State on the date of December 17, 1964.
I served in both the West Bank and in Gaza, I followed orders, I murdered innocent people. I was taught to hate Judaism, as a Sephardi I was active in protests against Ashkenazi racism, back in those days we stood in solidarity with the Mizrahi activists. In my time two thirds of the Sephardim of the Zionist-State had been completely devout in Judaism and this made them radically Anti Zionist by default. The most ironic characteristic feature of the Zionist-State in those days was just how self-hating the Ashkenazim of the Zionist-State truly had been. The Ashkenazi Zionists of the Zionist-State hated Yiddish with an almost Nazi-like extremism, the Ashkenazim of Jewish Ultra-Orthodox faith and the Ashkenazim of Jewish Modern Orthodox faith both at this time continued in the use of Yiddish and this would frustrate Zionists to no end, eventually the Religious Zionists would take over the Jewish Modern Orthodox institutions of the Zionist-State, I never cared for Religious Zionism because I could never see any connection between Judaism verses Zionism. I was raised to be a Labour Zionist and my parents had been hypocritical to their very essences, they taught me to stand up to Ashkenazi racism and yet they also taught me that Palestinians had been nothing more and nothing less than mutant experiments created by Arabs and Germans through selective breeding, I would find out this was a lie as I grew up. After doing terrible things in the West Bank and in Gaza I had nightmares every single night for Six years, I stood in solidarity with fellow Sephardim and our Mizrahi comrades in Civil Rights marches and I was impressed by the Mizrahim they were all very religious and they made Judaism look attractive and I started to question Zionism, as Sephardim gained more and more equality with Ashkenazim the Mizrahim would be persecuted even more by the Ashkenazim and then we Sephardim would persecute these Mizrahim with greater zeal then any single Ashkenazi, I moved to Lebanon for a while, I became a Anti Zionist in Lebanon and I became a full Baal teshuva, I would leave Lebanon for reasons that I don't need to explain in this article.
I need to make clear that the Citizens of the Zionist-State have no right to call themselves Israeli, and I would like to make a case for the word Lis'rodi לִשְׂרוֹדי as apposed to the word Hebrew, and if the Citizens of the Zionist-State need to refer to themselves as Hebrew why this might be tolerable. 

The reason why the word Lis'rodi is more fitting than the word Hebrew is because, anyone who is referred to as Hebrew should be a Palestinian or an Arabian, those two groups are ethnically true Hebrews. The two reasons why the word Hebrew might be tolerable is because the Citizens of the Zionist-State have invented a Neo-Hebrew language and the other reason is because most of the decolonizer-Citizens of the Zionist-State have started to refer to themselves as the Hebrew peoples instead of the Israeli peoples. I was raised as Zionist, I was raised to be Hebrew not Jewish.
I am Jewish and Lis'rodi/Hebrew, yet because I'm Jewish I'm therefore Anti Zionist. I see my self as Lis'rodi not Israeli, and if the other Lis'rodi peoples see themselves as Hebrew instead of Lis'rodi then this would make me Hebrew too. The most glaringly obvious fundamental truth is that there is no Lis'rodi/Hebrew Nation, there is only a Lis'rodi/Hebrew Culture. There is a Lis'rodi/Hebrew Culture, it is rooted in a Multicultural al-Andalus based social normality that was preached by Sephardi Citizens of the Zionist-State most of them rejected Zionism in favor of Democratic Multiculturalism. These Sephardim responded to the Neo-Hebrew language with Ladino at times the Mizrahim joining them would do the same with their regiolect Judeo-Arabic, I have taken the word Lis'rodi from Hebrew letters, this term is meant to imply a person of refuge it can also imply refugee.
The concept of the dark-skin African refugees and the Druze and those of Bedouin descent are part of Lis'rodi/Hebrew Culture and no Nation-State Law can ever be allowed to change this. Such a culture as the Lis'rodi/Hebrew Culture will only survive if it embraces its Andalusian consciousness and sheds away its Zionist Colonialism founded in a false-birthright that has no argument. On the matter of a MultiNational Palestinian Federation and the reason why we should refer to this as the Palestinian-Hebrew Democratic Federation has absolutely nothing to do with the Lis'rodi (possibly Hebrew) peoples, this has to do with the Palestinian peoples, because the Palestinians are ancient Israeli peoples.

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